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Located in the heart of Akihabara, Tokyo’s anime and manga hub, the Intercultural Institute of Japan stands as a beacon for those passionate about Japanese language and culture. With a medium-sized, diverse student population, it emphasizes a global atmosphere. The institute is celebrated for its committed teachers and a curriculum that focuses on grammar, complemented by a wealth of exercises for thorough practice. Despite higher tuition fees and separate costs for textbooks, students benefit from personalized teaching that supports rapid language acquisition. Ideal for enthusiasts of Japanese pop culture, the school offers a rigorous yet supportive environment to master Japanese.

EnrollmentJanuary. April. July. October
Visa TypeStudent Visa for Long-Term / Tourist Visa for Short-Term
Address2-20-9 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016


Interactive Learning Environment

The Intercultural Institute of Japan prioritizes dynamic, interactive classes, ensuring students can confidently express themselves in various contexts. Emphasizing a Japanese-only policy, the institute fosters an engaging atmosphere where students are encouraged to actively participate and enhance their speaking skills, making it a standout feature of their learning approach.

Flexible Short-Term Courses

Catering to learners with limited time, the Intercultural Institute of Japan offers courses as brief as one week, starting every Monday. These conversation-focused classes are ideal for enhancing spoken Japanese, welcoming everyone from beginners to those seeking to practice Japanese learned abroad, thereby accommodating a wide range of learners.

Tailored Goal-Oriented Learning

For students aiming to refine specific language skills, the institute provides elective courses for intermediate and advanced learners. Options include JLPT and EJU preparation, business Japanese for career prospects, among others. Additionally, a career support program aids students in navigating the Japanese job market, making it a comprehensive educational destination.


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Long-Term Course

The Intercultural Institute of Japan offers comprehensive long-term courses, spanning 1 to 2 years, designed for students requiring a student visa. Located in the heart of Akihabara, Tokyo, this program caters to a broad spectrum of student needs, from academic foundations and career advancement to Japanese Language Proficiency Test preparation. The curriculum is focused on enhancing all four key communication skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, making it ideal for those aspiring to enroll in Japanese educational institutions or seek employment in Japan. Intermediate and advanced learners have the flexibility to select elective courses tailored to their personal learning objectives, such as test preparation or business Japanese. Additionally, the course is enriched with cultural immersion through extracurricular activities, including speech contests and excursions to hot springs, offering students a holistic learning experience.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

1yr1yr 3mos1yr 6mos1yr 9mos2yrs
Screening Fee22,00022,00022,00022,00022,000
Admission Fee66,00066,00066,00066,00066,000
Tuition Fee792,000990,0001,188,0001,386,0001,584,000
Activity Fee44,00058,30058,30088,00088,000
Student Society Insurance Fee10,00013,30015,80017,90020,000
Weekly Course

The Intercultural Institute of Japan offers a flexible short-term course, allowing enrollment on a weekly basis to accommodate varying schedules of work or school. This course, which begins every week, is particularly designed for those looking to enhance their Japanese conversational skills. While new learners to Japanese must start at the beginning of each month, students with prior Japanese study experience can join any Monday, making it a highly accessible option throughout the year. The course’s structure supports learning in short durations, starting from just one week, ensuring a seamless integration into the student’s available time, promoting an efficient and focused approach to improving communication skills in Japanese.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Admission Fee22,000
Tuition Fee27,500 / week


Student Housing for Long-Term Course

The Intercultural Institute of Japan offers student housing for long-term course participants, providing modern and clean accommodations conveniently located within walking distance from the school. This proximity allows students to save significantly on commuting costs. Each room in the student housing is fully furnished, featuring a private kitchen, toilet, bath, and complimentary Internet access, ensuring a comfortable and conducive living and learning environment. While the standard term for these accommodations is three months, the institute is flexible and willing to consider other durations upon request, with applications to be submitted directly to the school. This setup is ideal for students looking for a hassle-free housing solution while studying Japanese in Tokyo.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Student Housing
Single135,000 / month
Twin69,000 – 71,000 / month
Private Apartments for Long-Term Course

The Intercultural Institute of Japan provides an exclusive accommodation option for students enrolled in long-term courses, known as Private apartments Global Life Higashi-Jujo. These private apartments are tailored to meet the needs of students, offering a comfortable and independent living experience close to the school. Each apartment is fully equipped with essential amenities, ensuring a seamless transition for students moving to Tokyo for their studies. Notably, the institute offers discounts for students opting for these accommodations, making it an affordable option. The standard accommodation term is six months, but the school is open to considering different durations upon request. Students interested in taking advantage of this accommodation offer should submit their applications directly to the Intercultural Institute of Japan, ensuring they mention their interest in the Private apartments Global Life Higashi-Jujo for their long-term course stay.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Private Apartment
Single59,000 – 75,000 / month
Twin39,000 – 45,000 / month
Weekly Apartments for Short-Term Course

The Intercultural Institute of Japan offers Weekly Apartments for students enrolled in short-term courses, available for immediate move-in. These accommodations provide the ultimate flexibility with a minimum contract term of just one day, catering perfectly to the needs of short-term learners. Please contact the institute directly for more information and to arrange your accommodation. An accommodation arrangement fee applies, and it’s worth noting that room rates may vary during peak seasons, particularly in April and May. This option is ideal for students seeking a comfortable, convenient, and flexible living situation while they immerse themselves in their Japanese language studies at the institute.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Weekly Apartment
Single141,000 ~ / month
Twin93,000 ~ / month

The Intercultural Institute of Japan offers a Homestay program, providing students with a unique opportunity to enhance their Japanese language skills and immerse themselves in Japanese culture through daily life experiences. Available for durations starting from one week, this accommodation option includes breakfast and dinner, allowing students to experience authentic Japanese cuisine and family life. Homestays are an excellent choice for those looking to practice Japanese in a natural setting while learning more about the local customs and lifestyle. This program is designed to offer a warm and welcoming environment, helping students to adjust to life in Japan and fostering a deeper understanding of cultural nuances.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Single171,720 / month

The Intercultural Institute of Japan provides accommodation in the form of a Guesthouse, designed to foster a communal living experience. This option allows students to share key facilities such as the kitchen, shower, and toilet with both Japanese residents and fellow international students. The guesthouse environment is conducive to cultural exchange and language practice, offering an immersive experience into the daily life in Japan. This setup is perfect for students looking to connect with a diverse community and enhance their understanding of Japanese culture while studying at the institute.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Single46,000 ~ / month

Please inquire about other course and accommodation options.


Class TimeMorning Class
9:15 AM – 13:05 PM
Afternoon Class
13:25 PM – 17:15 PM
*Either morning or afternoon class based on your level of Japanese.
Hours/Week20 Hours / Week
Course LengthLong-Term
1 year – 2 years
1 week – 3 months



4-12 Months Prior to Enrollment
3 Months Prior to Enrollment

Make payment. Apply Visa if required.

Welcome to Japan

Pack your bags and fly to Japan !!


At the Intercultural Institute of Japan, our mission goes beyond teaching Japanese; we aim to equip our students with the proficiency needed to actively use the language in their daily lives. For more than four decades, we’ve been committed to fulfilling the diverse needs of our students, introducing them to new challenges every day. Our school is a melting pot of cultures, hosting students from over 40 countries, creating a dynamic environment where multiple languages merge, and students from various backgrounds engage in Japanese conversation. Despite our large enrollment, we pride ourselves on creating a warm, familial atmosphere where every student feels at home. Our goal is for you to not only learn about Japanese language and culture but to immerse yourself in it, creating memories that will last forever. We are excited to welcome you into our community and embark on this journey together.

Sanae Kato (Principal)


Studying Japanese in Tokyo offers immersion in a vibrant cultural mix where tradition meets modernity. Students experience language learning amidst historical landmarks and cutting-edge urban life. This diverse environment enriches understanding, while Tokyo’s efficient transport facilitates exploration, making it an ideal setting for a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience.


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