Section 1|Our Services

“TRAVELIFE JAPAN,” accessible through https://japan-travelife.com, is an online service operated by TRAVELIFE. Users who engage with this service automatically agree to adhere to the terms set forth herein. The service retains the prerogative to modify these terms at any time without prior notification to users. Furthermore, any announcements or notices posted on the service’s website are to be interpreted as integral components of these terms of service.

Section 2|Purpose of This Service

This service functions as an intermediary for users in their endeavor to apply to educational institutions in Japan. While it facilitates application processes, it does not provide any assurance of admission into these institutions, nor does it guarantee residency status in Japan, successful completion of educational programs, issuance of academic credits, or the resolution of challenges encountered before, during, or after the user’s educational experience in Japan.

Section 3|Information Regarding Service Content

The employees of this service diligently prepare and provide products, services, study abroad plans, and quotations. Despite this diligence, there is no guarantee concerning the accuracy, legality, validity, or utility of the information employed in creating these services and content. Neither this service, its employees, nor its partners assume responsibility for any form of loss, damage, or injury that may be incurred as a result of using the service and its contents. The service reserves the right to alter, postpone, or discontinue any or all portions of its offerings without prior notice to the user. The service does not assure uninterrupted or successful delivery of its services and content. In cases of system maintenance (whether scheduled or emergency), internet disruptions, natural disasters, power outages, or other uncontrollable factors, the service and its affiliates reserve the right to modify or cease operations without prior notification. This service and its associates are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury that users or third parties may suffer as a result of such changes, delays, or discontinuations in services or content.

Section 4|Restrictions

This service prohibits use for certain activities. These include, but are not limited to, criminal activities, unlawful acts, behaviors that contravene public order and morality, acts related to bribery, persuasion, or extortion, activities involving unauthorized advertising or business endeavors, and actions related to election campaigns that violate public election law. Furthermore, using this service for religious purposes, defamation of the service, its associates, other users, or third parties, disadvantageous acts to third parties including service operators, slander towards third parties, unauthorized trade or financial transactions, reprinting and redistribution of correspondence without permission, personal data collection, spreading harmful computer programs, damaging the service’s infrastructure, system overloading, impersonation, or any other actions deemed inappropriate by the service, are strictly forbidden. The service, along with its associates, retains the right to refuse service or terminate the user’s access if engagement in any of these prohibited activities is detected.

Section 5|Disclaimer

This service disclaims all liability for any damages incurred due to delays, discontinuations, or alterations in the service, regardless of the reason. It does not hold responsibility for the accuracy, applicability, or reliability of the information obtained through the service. In the event of disputes arising from information acquired via this service, the user is responsible for handling and bearing the costs associated with such disputes. The service will not be held liable in cases where damages result from changes in services due to natural disasters, warfare, governmental orders, travel incidents, or transportation issues. Additionally, it is not responsible for a user’s inability to participate in study abroad programs due to reasons such as school capacity, visa issues, or failure to receive necessary travel documents.

Section 6|Contract Formation

The contractual agreement with this service becomes effective when the user completes the application process on the website and adheres to the outlined reception procedure. For users under the age of 18, consent from a parent or legal guardian is mandatory. Applications lacking such consent will be denied. Each user must individually submit an application.

Section 7|Application Rejection

Applications may be rejected by this service if the user fails to complete necessary procedures or provide required documents by specified deadlines.

Section 8|Eligibility

Eligibility for this service is extended to individuals who have a clear understanding of the service contract and can act responsibly. It includes those in good mental and physical health, willing to engage in studying abroad and intercultural exchanges. Enrollment in overseas travel insurance is a requirement. Individuals aged 14 and above are eligible, though those under 14 should contact the service beforehand. Applicants with chronic illnesses or current health issues must inform the service and may need to provide medical documentation.

Section 9|Contract Cancellation

The service may terminate the agreement under certain conditions, such as if the user provides false information, is deemed unfit for the program due to health or other reasons, causes inconvenience to other users or interferes with the operation of the service, or in cases

where service provision becomes impossible due to external factors like natural disasters or government orders. Additionally, failure to submit necessary documents, prolonged inaccessibility of the user, or failure to pay the program fees on time can lead to termination of the contract.

Section 10|Refund Policy

Refunds for users who cancel their participation after the commencement of the program are subject to the terms agreed upon at the time of application. Expenses related to domestic transfers or overseas remittances will be borne by the user and deducted from the refund amount. If the refund involves foreign currency, it will be converted to Japanese yen based on the Mitsubishi UFJ Bank’s telegraphic transfer buying rate on the day of refund.

Section 11|About Withdrawal

Withdrawal from the service must be executed as specified by this service. Upon withdrawal, the user relinquishes any rights to information within the service.

Section 12|Copyright and Rights of Contribution

Users maintain copyright over their posted information. However, they grant the service comprehensive rights to copy, use, edit, republish, and distribute their information. This service has the discretion to review, edit, delete, and determine the appropriateness of posted content.

Section 13|Treatment of Personal Information

Personal information provided to the service will be managed in accordance with the service’s privacy policy.

Section 14|Precautions Concerning Download

The service takes necessary precautions to prevent data loss or damage from software downloads but is not liable for any damage or loss experienced by the user as a result of such downloads.

Section 15|Guidelines for Posting

Users interacting with external social networking services in relation to this service must adhere to the usage agreements of those external services. Prohibited activities include discomforting posts, unauthorized solicitations, heavy use of special symbols, posting personal information, and other inappropriate content. The service reserves the right to edit, delete, or restrict access to user posts that violate these guidelines.

Section 16|Rights Transfer

In the event of a business transfer, this service may transfer its contractual status, rights, and obligations to a third party, and users are expected to accept this condition in advance.

Section 17|Separability

Should any part of this agreement be deemed invalid based on laws and regulations, the remaining provisions will remain in effect. The invalidity of any part in relation to one user does not affect its validity for other users.

Section 18|Violation of These Terms

Users are encouraged to report any violations of these terms to the service. If a user is found to have violated these terms, the service may implement measures such as stopping the violation, withdrawing the user, or denying future services. Users are not entitled to appeal or object to these actions.

Section 19|Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by Japanese law. In the event of a lawsuit between this service and a user, the Sapporo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Section 20|Confidentiality Preservation

Confidential information, as defined in this agreement, pertains to all information related to the service and its operations. Users are obligated to use this information solely for the purpose of utilizing this service and are not permitted to disclose it to third parties without explicit written consent from the service, except when required by law or a legal order.

Section 21|Affiliate Links

This service may occasionally include affiliate links in content where specific products or services are discussed or recommended. When users click these links and make purchases, the service may receive commissions without additional cost to the user. These commissions do not influence the service’s reviews and comparisons, as the service strives for fairness and balance in helping users make informed choices. All posts containing affiliate links are clearly marked with a disclaimer. The service is part of several affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for small businesses to earn fees by linking to products on related program websites.