ISI Japanese Language School – Tokyo

ISI Japanese Language School – Tokyo

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ISI Japanese Language School is renowned for its comprehensive language education across its Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagano campuses. Embracing a holistic approach, ISI caters to a diverse international student body, integrating kanji, grammar, and vital listening and speaking skills. Its curriculum ensures consistent progress, enhanced by cultural excursions to renowned destinations. Students experience immersive learning in the Japanese-speaking world, fostering cultural understanding and language proficiency.

EnrollmentJanuary. April. July. October
Visa TypeStudent Visa for Long-Term / Tourist Visa for Short-Term
AddressTakadanobaba: 2-14-19 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075
Ikebukuro: 1-13-13 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0022
PhoneTakadanobaba: +81-(0)3-5155-6886
Ikebukuro: +81-(0)3-5960-1335


Tailored Academic Excellence

ISI Japanese Language School excels in providing personalized educational support and professional guidance, ensuring students are well-prepared for university entrance exams and academic success.

Global Learning Community

The ISI Takadanobaba campus is a dynamic, multicultural environment with over 1,300 students from more than 50 countries, offering a unique opportunity to learn Japanese while experiencing diverse cultures.

Flexible Curriculum Options

With a wide range of courses designed for various pathways into universities, graduate schools, or careers, ISI enables students to customize their learning journey according to their individual goals and needs.


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Long-Term Course (First Year / Yearly)

The ISI Japanese Language School offers a comprehensive Academic/General Japanese course with flexible enrollment options at their Takadanobaba, Ikebukuro, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagano campuses. The course structure aligns with the Japanese academic year, starting in April. It features a dedicated class teacher system for personalized support, extensive career guidance including regular meetings and on-demand consultations, and elective classes from Intermediate II level catering to diverse goals like university preparation and job hunting. Special programs like the “Top University Preparation Class” are available for students aiming for elite institutions. Moreover, the school encourages meaningful engagement through off-campus events and international exchange opportunities.

The Career Japanese Course at ISI Japanese Language School is tailored for individuals aiming to enhance their professional Japanese language abilities for better career prospects in Japan. This program focuses on developing clear and effective communication skills, which are highly valued by Japanese employers. It offers a unique blend of practical business Japanese education, starting from the beginner level, and integrates career development into daily learning. With an emphasis on three core skills – Japanese language proficiency, business acumen, and social competence – the course prepares students for the Japanese workplace through a combination of language training, business skills education, and social skill development. The program features personalized career support, innovative mentoring, and a curriculum that addresses the expectations of Japanese companies, ensuring students are well-equipped to succeed in Japan’s business environment.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Academic JapaneseAcademic JapaneseCareer JapaneseCareer JapaneseAcademic JapaneseAcademic JapaneseGeneral Japanese
Visa Application Fee22,00022,00022,00022,00022,00022,00022,000
Admission Fee77,00077,00077,00077,00077,00077,00077,000
Material Fee44,00044,00044,00044,00044,00044,00044,000
Facility Fee44,00044,00056,00056,00044,00044,00033,000
Short-Term Course (1 Term / 10 Weeks)

The Short-Term General Japanese Course at ISI Japanese Language School is designed for individuals on non-student visas, such as working holiday or spouse visas, offering a flexible study duration starting from just 2 weeks. This program enables students to intensively learn all facets of the Japanese language, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar, tailored to their proficiency level. It accommodates beginners and those with prior knowledge, with entry points throughout the year in April, July, October, and January, supplemented by a preliminary level assessment for accurate class placement. The course also offers specialized classes for graduate school preparation, EJU and JLPT exam preparation, and practical conversation skills, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience aimed at diverse academic and professional goals.

The Short-Term Career Japanese Program at ISI Japanese Language School is designed for individuals looking to enhance their career opportunities in Japan, whether through employment or entrepreneurship. Starting from the beginner level, the course focuses on practical “Japanese for Business,” teaching essential communication skills, business etiquette, and the use of honorific language necessary for professional environments. Students also learn to write business documents, requiring a personal laptop for participation. The course offers four enrollment periods annually and includes a preliminary level check for class placement. Additionally, it supports students on working holiday visas with job placement assistance. ISI Group’s proven track record in career support and business Japanese education makes this program ideal for those aiming to succeed in the Japanese business world.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

General JapaneseGeneral JapaneseShort-Term Career JapaneseShort-Term Career JapaneseEvening CourseGeneral JapaneseGeneral JapaneseGeneral Japanese
Admission Fee20,00020,00020,00020,00020,00020,00020,00020,000
Material Fee11,00011,00011,00011,00011,00011,00011,00011,000
Facility Fee11,00011,00014,00014,00014,00011,00011,0008,250

*Evening Course at Harajuku Campus will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (3 days a week) at 19:10~20:50 (45 minutes x 2 lesson).
*The minimum application period is 2 weeks. However, the minimum application period for “Short-term Career Japanese” at Shibuya Campus, “Short-term Career Japanese” and “Evening Course” at Harajuku Campus is 4 weeks.


Long Stay Price (1 Term)

For long-term stays, ISI Japanese Language School offers a comprehensive range of accommodation options to suit diverse student needs and budgets. Choices include student houses with single to triple rooms for those seeking affordability and community, homestays for immersive cultural experiences, guesthouses for international interaction, and weekly mansions for more private, self-contained living. These accommodations cater to preferences for safety, cultural learning, socializing, and independence, with varying distances from the school to ensure convenient commutes. Facilities and room configurations differ, providing a tailored approach to student living and enhancing the overall educational experience in Japan.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Student HouseTypeTokyoOsakaKyotoNagano

*For Tokyo and Kyoto Campus, it is possible to apply for two terms with a lump-sum payment for October term students only. In this case, the facility fee (30,000 yen) will be waived.
*Nagano Campus will waive the entrance fee and facility fee (50,000 yen) if you make a lump-sum payment for 6 months when you enter the dormitory.

Short Stay Price (4 Weeks)

Short-term stays at ISI Japanese Language School are designed for flexibility, allowing students to choose from student houses, guesthouses, homestays, and weekly mansions for 4-week periods. These options accommodate individuals seeking brief, immersive language learning experiences, from those preferring the communal environment of shared accommodations to those desiring the privacy of a fully equipped apartment. Each type of accommodation is selected to offer comfort, convenience, and an opportunity to engage with the language and culture, regardless of the duration of the stay. Prices and specific amenities vary by campus, ensuring that short-term students have access to suitable, quality housing within easy commuting distance to the school.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Accommodation TypeRoom TypeTokyoOsakaKyotoNagano
Student HouseSingle142,000 –125,200 –101,200 –
Twin106,800 –92,800 –76,000
Guest HouseSingle142,000 –136,400 –
Twin106,800 –106,800 –
HomestaySingle186,600 –186,600 –186,600 –186,600
Weekly MansionSingle213,600 –213,600 –
Twin141,500 –

Please inquire about other course and accommodation options.


Class TimeMorning Class
8:50 AM – 12:00 PM
Afternoon Class
13:00 PM – 16:10 PM
*Either morning or afternoon class based on your level of Japanese.
Hours/Week20 Hours / Week
Course LengthLong-Term
1 year – 2 years
3 months – 6 months



6-12 Months Prior to Enrollment
3 Months Prior to Enrollment

Make payment. Apply Visa if required.

Welcome to Japan

Pack your bags and fly to Japan !!


ISI Language School, nestled in the vibrant student district of Takadanobaba, is a beacon for learners from over 50 countries worldwide. As the largest institution within the ISI Group, it offers an extensive range of Japanese language courses designed to cater to every learner’s needs, from beginners to advanced students. Whether you aim to enhance your conversational skills or seek strategies for entering top universities, ISI provides tailored solutions. Beyond the classroom, the school enriches the educational experience with monthly cultural events, allowing students to immerse themselves deeply in Japanese traditions.

To prospective students: Every journey to mastering Japanese is unique, filled with high expectations and, occasionally, challenges. At ISI, our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to supporting your aspirations with utmost flexibility, guiding you towards realizing your dreams. We invite you to join our community, where you’ll not only advance your language skills but also grow into a global citizen, ready to navigate and contribute to the international landscape. Welcome to ISI Language School – your gateway to becoming a part of a global network and enhancing your international prowess.

Kyoto Abo(Principle)


Studying Japanese in Tokyo offers immersion in a vibrant cultural mix where tradition meets modernity. Students experience language learning amidst historical landmarks and cutting-edge urban life. This diverse environment enriches understanding, while Tokyo’s efficient transport facilitates exploration, making it an ideal setting for a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience.


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