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Lexis Japan, situated in the heart of Kobe, hailed as ‘Japan’s most liveable city,’ blends traditional and modern Japanese experiences. It is an award-winning language provider, recognized with the 2014 STM Star Award for ‘World Language School’. Offering small class sizes in both Japanese and English, Lexis ensures individual attention and effective learning. The school is renowned for its dynamic, modern curriculum, emphasizing fast-paced, interactive classes. Students from diverse backgrounds come to Lexis for various purposes, including fun, work, and further education. Beyond academics, Lexis enriches students’ experience with a variety of after-school and weekend activities, immersing them in the vibrant life of Kobe.

EnrollmentEvery Monday
Visa TypeWorking Holiday Visa for Long-Term / Tourist Visa for Short-Term
AddressMitubishi UFJ Trust Bank Bldg. 9, 36 Nishimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0038
Phone+81-(0)78 -331-0944


Diverse Course Offerings

Lexis Japan caters to a wide range of learners through its varied programs. This includes intensive Japanese courses, specialized teen programs, and JLPT preparation courses. Such diversity accommodates different ages, proficiency levels, and learning objectives, ensuring every student finds a program that aligns with their specific language learning goals.

Strategic Location and Modern Facilities

The school’s prime location in Kobe’s cultural precinct, housed in a modern building, provides an ideal learning environment. Students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious, air-conditioned classrooms, a library, and social spaces. The campus’s central location also offers easy access to local attractions, aiding in cultural immersion and exploration.

Cultural Immersion and International Community

Lexis Japan emphasizes hands-on cultural experiences alongside academic learning. The school’s activities and location in culturally rich Kobe enable students to engage deeply with Japanese traditions and international influences. Additionally, its diverse student body promotes a global learning environment, facilitating cultural exchange and broadening perspectives.




Intensive Japanese Language Course (Full-Time)

Lexis Japan’s Intensive Japanese Language Course offers a dynamic curriculum focused on practical application of the language. This course provides ample opportunities for students to actively speak and use the grammar and vocabulary learned in class. With a strong emphasis on real-world usage, students can expect to rapidly improve their Japanese language skills.

In addition to the core morning text-based lessons, the course at Lexis Japan includes a variety of weekly activities and specialized classes. These cover aspects of Japanese culture and history, pronunciation techniques, the use of onomatopoeia, and other engaging topics. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only learn the language but also gain a deeper understanding of the rich cultural context of Japan. The intensive course structure is designed to maximize student engagement and language acquisition, making Lexis Japan an ideal place for immersive Japanese language learning.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

1 – 4weeks5 – 12weeks13 – 24weeks25+ weeks
Books and Materials8,500 / 4weeks8,500 / 4weeks8,500 / 4weeks8,500 / 4weeks
Tuition37,000 / week36,000 / week35,000 / week33,000 / week
Short-Term Visa Documents Fee9,3009,3009,3009,300
Bank Fee6,7006,7006,7006,700

*Working Holiday or 6 month visa waiver holders only.
*All fees are in Japanese Yen *All fees include 10% GST *A 4% Paypal transaction fee will apply or Bank Fee.

Intensive Japanese Language Course (Part-Time)

Lexis Japan’s Intensive Japanese Language Course, offered as a part-time option, mirrors the full-time course’s focus on enhancing Japanese communication skills. The curriculum utilizes materials centered around daily life scenarios, making the learning experience both practical and relevant. In this course, students are encouraged to actively engage with and apply the Japanese language in real-life contexts, ensuring they acquire practical proficiency for everyday use. This part-time format allows for a flexible yet immersive learning experience, ideal for those seeking to balance language studies with other commitments while still gaining a solid foundation in Japanese at Lexis Japan.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

1 – 4weeks5 – 12weeks13 – 24weeks25+ weeks
Books and Materials8,500 / 4weeks8,500 / 4weeks8,500 / 4weeks8,500 / 4weeks
Tuition33,000 / week32,000 / week31,000 / week29,500 / week
Short-Term Visa Documents Fee9,3009,3009,3009,300
Bank Fee6,7006,7006,7006,700

*Working Holiday or 6 month visa waiver holders only.
*All fees are in Japanese Yen *All fees include 10% GST *A 4% Paypal transaction fee will apply or Bank Fee.

Teen Activity Program

Lexis Japan’s Teen Activity Program is a summer offering designed for young learners aged 13-17, blending language learning with cultural exploration. This program features morning Japanese language classes, followed by a variety of engaging afternoon activities. These activities include trips to renowned tourist spots around Kobe, culinary experiences, and much more, providing a rich and memorable cultural immersion.

In addition to language acquisition, the program offers a fantastic opportunity for students to connect with peers from across the globe, fostering international friendships. The cost of the Teen Activity Program at Lexis Japan includes admission, tuition, study materials, all scheduled activities and their transportation, as well as homestay arrangements. The homestay includes two meals per day, ensuring a comfortable and authentic experience of Japanese family life. Furthermore, round-trip airport pickup fees are also covered, ensuring a worry-free and convenient travel experience for all participants.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Program Fee256,000376,000496,000616,000736,000

*Inclusive of: Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off / College Registration Fee / Tuition / Course Materials / Activities / Transport of activities / Homestay Placement Fee / Accommodation (2 meals per day)
*All fees are in Japanese Yen *All fees include 10% GST *A 4% Paypal transaction fee will apply or Bank Fee.

Private Tuition – Face to Face / Online

Lexis Japan’s Private Tuition offers personalized, one-on-one Japanese lessons tailored to meet a wide range of learning needs and goals. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics, a business professional seeking to master business Japanese and honorific language, or a student preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), these private sessions are ideal. They can also be customized to cover any specific topic of the student’s choosing.

This option is particularly suitable for those with limited time or specific study objectives. Lexis Japan’s Private Tuition is designed to adapt to individual requirements, with a personalized curriculum developed through detailed discussion, level assessment, and ongoing consultation with the student. This ensures the course content, delivery method, and instructor align perfectly with the student’s unique learning needs.

With its flexible scheduling, varied admission periods, and adjustable tuition hours, Lexis Japan’s Private Tuition provides a highly effective and accelerated approach to learning Japanese, accommodating the specific preferences and goals of each learner.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Books and Materials8,500 / 4weeks8,500 / 4weeks
Private Tuition15,60070,200
Semi – Private Tuition56,000
Bank Fee6,7006,700



Lexis Japan enhances the language learning journey with its homestay accommodation, offering students the invaluable experience of living with a local family in Kobe. This immersive living arrangement is an excellent way for students to practice and apply their Japanese skills in everyday situations, right after their day at Lexis Japan.

The homestay program provides students with a private, fully furnished room within a welcoming family environment. Each homestay includes breakfast and dinner, allowing students to experience authentic Japanese cuisine and family life. These host families are not only eager to share their culture and lifestyle with students but also play a significant role in their language learning process.

Lexis Japan takes great care in selecting and regularly inspecting host families to ensure the highest quality of accommodation and experience. Living in a homestay is more than just a place to stay; it’s an opportunity to fully immerse in Japanese culture and daily life, making it a highlight of any student’s time in Kobe.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Placement Fee27,000
Rent45,000 / week

*2 meals included.

Student House

Lexis Japan offers comfortable accommodation options with its Student Houses, providing an ideal living environment for students studying at the school.

The J&F Student House, strategically situated between Osaka and Kobe, offers a variety of room sizes and configurations to suit different needs. Each room is equipped with essential amenities including a single bed, study desk, fridge, and air conditioning. The house features shared bathroom and kitchen facilities, and high-speed Wifi is available throughout the premises. Located approximately 20 minutes by train from Lexis Japan, and a mere 15 minutes from Umeda Station in Osaka, it offers convenient access to both educational and urban experiences.

The Itayado Student House provides a more intimate setting, accommodating a maximum of 5 students, and includes a shared shower and two bathrooms. Located near Mount Takatori, students can enjoy the tranquility of nature, with easy access to walking paths. This accommodation is also conveniently close to a supermarket, train station serving two local lines, coin laundry, and a shopping district. It offers a unique opportunity to immerse in the local lifestyle, learn Japanese in a natural setting, and form lasting friendships.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

J&F MukonosoItayado
Room A
Room B
Room C&D
Placement Fee21,50010,00010,00010,000
Rent63,800 / month36,250 / week32,500 / week30,000 / week

*Deposit fully refundable.


Lexis Japan offers exceptional accommodation options with its Dormy facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay for students.

Dormy Kobe, a fully furnished accommodation, provides an all-inclusive living experience. With meals included, a resident manager, and a dormitory mother, students are well cared for. The facility boasts clean living rooms, a large communal bath, and a dining room, offering a home-like atmosphere. Dormy’s monthly package covers all essentials for a hassle-free stay. Each room is equipped with internet, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable and connected living space.

Similarly, Dormy Sannomiya offers a fully furnished accommodation experience, complete with meals and the support of a resident manager and dormitory mother. This facility also features clean living rooms, a spacious public bath, and a dining room, contributing to a wholesome living environment. With the convenience of their monthly package, students have everything they need for their stay. Rooms are outfitted with internet, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning, providing a cozy and well-equipped living space.

Both Dormy Kobe and Dormy Sannomiya represent Lexis Japan’s commitment to providing students with quality, comfortable, and convenient housing options, enhancing their educational journey in Japan.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Contract Fee20,000
Rent159,600 / month
One Bedroom Student Apartment

Lexis Japan provides Student Apartments that are perfect for independent travelers looking for privacy and autonomy. These self-contained units offer a unique opportunity to experience living like a local in Japan. The apartments are compact, adhering to typical Japanese standards, and are beautifully furnished to ensure a comfortable stay.

Given their popularity and limited availability, early booking is recommended for those interested in this accommodation option. These apartments are particularly favored by more mature students who appreciate a personal space away from the bustling student environment.

Conveniently located, Lexis’ Nakamichi Apartments are just a ten-minute commute to Lexis Japan, making them an ideal choice for students who want a blend of convenience and the experience of authentic Japanese living. The Student Apartments offer a blend of privacy, independence, and accessibility, enhancing the overall experience of studying at Lexis Japan.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Student Apartment
Contract Fee5,000
Rent39,900 / week
Bedding & Other Amenities15,000
Cleaning Fee15,500

Please inquire about other course and accommodation options.


Class TimeMorning Class
9:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Afternoon Class
13:00 PM – 15:00 PM
*Either morning or afternoon class based on your level of Japanese.
Hours/WeekFull-Time: 20 Hours / Week
Part-Time: 15 Hours / Week
Course Length1 week – 48 weeks



4-12 Months Prior to Enrollment
3 Months Prior to Enrollment

Make payment. Apply Visa if required.

Welcome to Japan

Pack your bags and fly to Japan !!


Our goal at Lexis Japan is to aid everyone in enhancing their Japanese language abilities and ensure they create unforgettable experiences during their stay in the country. We offer a practical, communication-focused curriculum, enabling students, even those on short-term visits, to gain proficiency in essential, everyday Japanese.

Our dedicated staff is committed to supporting each student’s learning journey. Lexis Japan also welcomes numerous Japanese individuals learning English, providing a unique opportunity for our students to mingle with locals, forge friendships, and apply their classroom Japanese in real-world settings.

Our approachable team is always on hand to help students, irrespective of their accommodation location, with any inquiries, challenges, or other needs they may encounter in their daily life in Japan.

Join us at Lexis Japan for an extraordinary journey filled with memorable experiences.

Rika Yamamoto(Campus Manager)


Studying Japanese in Kobe, a dynamic port city, offers a unique educational experience where modernity intersects with tradition. Students can immerse themselves in the language against a backdrop of diverse neighborhoods, from the historic, western-influenced Kitano to the lively Chinatown. Kobe’s international character enriches the learning process, revealing the interplay between Japanese culture and global influences. The city’s scenic beauty, renowned cuisine, and hospitable locals provide a vibrant yet serene environment, making Kobe an exceptional place to study and absorb the multifaceted aspects of Japanese language and culture.


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