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Nagoya International Academy (NIA) is a special place where students from Europe, America, China, and Southeast Asia come together to learn more than just Japanese. Here, you’ll get to dive into Japan’s unique culture and make friends from around the world. Teachers are there to support you in every step of your study and life in Japan, making you feel at home and prepared for a bright future. Besides the fun classes, there are cool activities where you can really feel the spirit of Japan, from food making to local trips. It’s an adventure and learning, all in one!

EnrollmentJanuary. April. July. October
Visa TypeStudent Visa for Long-Term / Tourist Visa for Short-Term
Address465-0033 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Meito Ward, Akegaoka 55



In the context of notable globalization, students from Europe, America, and China, with a minority from Southeast Asia, are engaged in a study experience that goes beyond the Japanese language, delving into Japan’s singular culture. Through helpful guidance and encounters with a different world, our students shape their study community.

Communication as a Japanese Language Tool

Language is conceptualized not just as theoretical knowledge but as a key to engagement. We advocate for a form of study that breaks from mere lectures, urging students to express and understand others within the academic skyline, heavily focusing on the natural application of learned words, grammar, and etiquette.

Extracurricular Activities

Our board also sketches a tradition of co-curricular happenings, laying the Japanese undōkai (sports festival) for principles on the school-year canvas. Traditional confabulations and high teas with native denizens for a mastery of Japan’s ethos, and jaunts to prime tourism consulates in Nagoya, distinguish our academy.


Comprehensive Japanese

The Comprehensive Japanese Course at Nagoya International Academy (NIA) is meticulously designed for everyone, from eager beginners to zealous professionals, aiming for mastery up to the JLPT N1 level. Our holistic program transcends the division of language from hands-on knowledge to a virtual platform of skillful people, with a menu of tailor-made classes for diverse purposes, be it for higher education, career opportunities in Japan, or enhancing communication prowess. We offer a solid linguistic foundation and soft skills with a flexible enrollment schedule and dedicated visa support for international students. Whether you’re starting anew or scaling up, you can progress through five structured levels, from complete beginner to the upper pinnacle of fluency, over a welcoming span of 1.5 to 2 years, in sync with your own academic or professional path. NIA is the bridge to your aspirations, fervently committed to inclusivity, enfranchising learning from an anime to work-oriented all year long.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

1yr 6mos2yrs
Processing Fee25,50025,500
Fees for Equipment / The Maintenance49,50066,000
Tuition 1st Year594,000594,000
Tuition 2nd Year297,000594,000
Teaching Materials Fees 1st Year22,00022,000
Teaching Materials Fees 2nd Year11,00022,000
Utility Fee 1st Year22,00022,000
Utility Fee 2nd Year11,10022,200
International Student Insurance 1st year10,00010,000
International Student Insurance 2nd year5,80010,000



FEE(Japanese Yen)

Rent36,000 / month

Please inquire about other course and accommodation options.


Class TimeMorning Class
9:00 AM – 12:20 PM
Afternoon Class
13:30 PM – 16:50 PM
*Either morning or afternoon class based on your level of Japanese.
Hours/Week20 Hours / Week
Course LengthLong-Term
1 year – 2 years
1 day – 6 months



6-12 Months Prior to Enrollment
3 Months Prior to Enrollment

Make payment. Apply Visa if required.

Welcome to Japan

Pack your bags and fly to Japan !!


The demand for a new era’s workforce is for young people well-acquainted with the cultures and customs of various countries. Nagoya International Academy welcomes students from all over the world, where they study Japanese while interacting with people from different countries, all within the same classroom. Many of our students aspire to further their studies at Japanese universities, and to support them, we offer both the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and preparatory guidance for the University Entrance Examination for International Students, as well as career counseling beyond regular classes.

Understanding Japanese culture and customs is key to mastering the language. That’s why we provide students with numerous opportunities to interact with Japanese locals, not only through cultural events but also through school-organized trips. As Asia gains more significance in the modern world, Nagoya International Academy is dedicated to fostering mutual understanding and shared learning to help future generations develop valuable skills for a growing number of Japanese students. We are deeply committed to supporting the personal and emotional development of our students, and we look forward to witnessing the thriving futures they are bound to create.

Hayashi Yusuke(Principle)


Studying Japanese in Nagoya offers an engaging mix of cutting-edge technology and rich historical heritage. As a prominent industrial hub, known for its technological advancements and automotive industry, Nagoya provides a unique backdrop for language learning. This bustling city, blending modern skyscrapers with historic sites like Nagoya Castle, allows students to explore the intricacies of Japanese language and culture. From exploring the Osu Shopping District to experiencing traditional festivals, learners in Nagoya gain a comprehensive understanding of contemporary and traditional Japanese life. The city’s balance of industrial innovation and cultural treasures, combined with its vibrant urban atmosphere, creates a stimulating environment for students to immerse themselves in Japan’s multifaceted culture and language.


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