Guide to JLPT in Japan 2024|Understanding Schedule and Registration

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Preparing to take the JLPT in Japan this year? Follow our guide on the JLPT schedule and registration, offering a straightforward path for those aiming from N5 to N1. Discover how to navigate the process with ease, ensuring you’re fully prepared for your journey towards Japanese language proficiency.


Introduction to JLPT

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, widely known as JLPT, stands as a pivotal benchmark for non-native speakers to validate their command of the Japanese language. The JLPT attracts an average of 600,000 examinees each year, underscoring its significance and widespread recognition.

Spanning five distinct levels from N5 to N1, the JLPT meticulously categorizes proficiency in the Japanese language, with N1 representing the highest level of mastery. This grading system plays a crucial role for individuals looking to dive into Japan’s academic or professional spheres, or even for those considering a working holiday in the country. Given its critical role in facilitating integration and opportunities in Japan, the JLPT is virtually indispensable for foreigners aspiring to live or work in the nation.

2024 JLPT Schedule in Japan

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in Japan is held biannually, typically in July and December, offering learners at all levels a chance to assess their Japanese language skills. This schedule provides ample opportunity for preparation and planning, catering to both domestic and international candidates aiming to certify their proficiency.

1st Test 2nd Test
Test Date July 7 (Sun)December 1 (Sun)
Application PeriodMarch 22 (Fri) – April 12 (Fri) August 8(Thu) – September 12 (Thu)
Test Voucher DeliveryJun 21 (Fri) November 15 (Fri)
Announcement of Test ResultLate August – Early September Late January – Early February, 2025

Process of Taking JLPT in Japan

Sign Up
  1. To sign up for the JLPT during the open registration period, candidates should head to the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) official website and create a new account under “My JLPT.” If you’ve applied before, simply log in to your existing account.
  2. Next, fill in your personal details carefully. This includes choosing your test level and location, uploading a photo, and entering your name in English, nationality, native language, gender, date of birth, along with a local address and phone number in Japan. It’s important to highlight that registration for the JLPT is contingent on having a local Japanese address, as this is where your exam voucher and certification will be mailed. Ensuring the accuracy of this information is critical for a smooth registration process.
  3. Once you’ve filled out all the personal information, the next step is to pay the test fee. JLPT test fee is 7,500 JPY, regardless of the level. You can do this through several payment methods including credit card, bank transfer (via Pay-easy), or payment at a convenience store (Family Mart, LAWSON, Seicomart, Ministop, Daily YAMAZAKI, etc). After your payment is confirmed, the application procedure is completed.
Test Voucher

Test Voucher will be mailed out 2-3 weeks before the test day and can also be accessed via “the My JLPT”. The voucher must be presented on the test day, so make sure not to lose it. If you don’t receive the voucher or it goes missing, you have the option to print a copy from the My JLPT site for use at the test. Alternatively, if printing is not feasible, you can contact the Application Center within inquiry period, so that the test voucher can be faxed to you. Test voucher contains information such as applicant’s information with a photo, test location, test schedule and instructions.

Test Day

On exam day, head to the location and time specified on your voucher. Once you arrive at the test center, show your voucher to a staff member, who will direct you to your assigned room and seat based on your exam number. During the exam, you’re only allowed to have writing utensils (pencils and erasers) and an analog clock on your desk. Expect the exam, including breaks, to last over four hours, so bringing water or snacks for the break might be a good idea. After the exam concludes, remain seated until the staff has collected all the test papers and gives the signal to leave.

Test Results

If you’ve completed the JLPT, your pass or fail status will be determined by the overall and sectional marks required, and you’ll receive your results along with a Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency if you’ve passed. These results and certificates will be mailed out and you can get an early peek online via the MyJLPT “Test Result and Certificate Issuance” screen. For changes to your mailing address within Japan after the exam, simply update your details on the MyJLPT site. If you’re outside Japan and want your results sent to you, mail a photocopy of your test voucher and a pre-stamped, adequately sized envelope with your name, overseas address, and registration number to the Application Center by the overseas dispatch request deadline.

Things to Bring and Know on Test Day

Test Day Essentials

  • Test voucher
  • Writing Instruments (Mechanical pencils and erasers. Ball-points pen are not allowed.)
  • wrist watch without a memory function (Smart watches are not allowed)
  • Personal Identification document (No allowed copy, passport or a residence card)
  • Water Bottle (Without the label.)

Test Day Tips

  • Arrive Prepared and Early
    Ensure a smooth start to your JLPT experience by arriving at least 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time. This window allows you to find your test location, settle in, and perform any last-minute reviews with peace of mind. Preparation extends beyond the materials you bring; it includes ensuring a good night’s sleep the night before to remain alert and focused throughout the exam.
  • Nutrition and Silence
    Begin the day with a nutritious breakfast to maintain concentration and energy levels during the lengthy testing period. Equally crucial is managing your digital devices—turn your phone off or to airplane mode upon arrival. This simple act prevents potential disruptions and keeps you fully engaged in the exam process.
  • Instructions and Time Management
    Carefully follow all provided instructions and utilize your analog wristwatch to manage your time effectively during the test. Time awareness helps you pace yourself through the sections, ensuring no part of the exam is rushed or neglected. This focused approach, coupled with strict adherence to guidelines, lays the groundwork for a successful JLPT outcome.

Timetable with JLPT Level

N1Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/ Grammar) Reading
[12:30 ~ 14:35, 110 mins]
[15:15~16:25, 55 mins]
N2Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/ Grammar) Reading
[12:30 ~ 14:30, 105 mins]
[15:10~16:15, 50 mins]
N3Language Knowledge (Vocabulary)
[12:30 ~ 13:15, 30 mins]
Language Knowledge (Grammar) Reading
[13:45 ~ 15:10, 70 mins]
[15:40~16:35, 40 mins]
N4Language Knowledge (Vocabulary)
[12:30 ~ 13:10, 25 mins]
Language Knowledge (Grammar) Reading
[13:40 ~ 14:50, 55 mins]
[15:20~16:10, 35 mins]
N5Language Knowledge (Vocabulary)
[12:30 ~ 13:05, 20 mins]
Language Knowledge (Grammar) Reading
[13:35 ~ 14:30, 40 mins]
[15:00~15:45, 30 mins]


Diving into the JLPT journey in Japan requires energy and a clear focus. Successfully navigating through the JLPT schedule and registration marks an essential phase in your language learning path. It’s crucial to remember that thorough preparation is the foundation of mastering the JLPT, from the introductory N5 level to the advanced N1. Stay motivated, immerse yourself in your studies, and let this challenge become a remarkable achievement. Your journey towards success and fluency is well underway.

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