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Japanese International School (JIS) was established by the Kokusai Tsuushin Group, which also operates in the publishing, IT, Health and Welfare, and HR sectors. With a presence in central Osaka for over 15 years, students from more than 30 countries are welcomed. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to benefit all students, irrespective of their backgrounds, with access to healthcare services available through Kokusai Tsuushin Group’s clinic. Moreover, students can benefit from professional skill development and career guidance offered by a partner agency. Comprehensive support is provided to help students realize their dreams while ensuring a comfortable study experience in Japan.

EnrollmentJanuary. April. July. October
Visa TypeStudent Visa for Long-Term
Tourist Visa・Working Holiday Visa for Short-Term
Address1-1-3 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0012


Diverse Class Levels

JIS offers classes from beginner to super advanced, including electives like JLPT and EJU Preparation. Advanced students engage with drama-based lessons to learn natural Japanese and understand formal versus casual language use. For beginners, services include kanji printouts and visuals on kanji origins, alongside a weekly “Question Classroom” for inquiries in native languages. All levels benefit from the Moodle system, enabling thorough homework preparation and review of class material to clarify any uncertainties.

Vibrant Community Events

The school fosters a strong sense of community through a wide range of events throughout the year, such as opening and graduation ceremonies, recreational and educational activities both on and off campus, and a sports festival. These activities aim to strengthen the connection between students and staff and encourage individual progress and achievements.

Dedicated Staff

The dedicated staff at JIS are the linchpin of its operations, playing a vital role in the school’s success. They are instrumental in providing a high-quality educational experience, and their contributions are invaluable to the school’s overall functioning, creating a welcoming environment for prospective students.




Long-Term Course

The Japanese International School offers a Long-Term Course in Japanese, structured into four progressively advanced levels to enhance different aspects of language proficiency.At the Beginner Class level, students focus on establishing a strong base in the fundamental structures of the Japanese language, acquiring essential communication skills for everyday scenarios. Moving to the Intermediate Class, learners expand their abilities in conversing on various subjects in both spoken and written Japanese, thereby improving their overall communicative competence.The Advanced Class goes deeper, exploring the subtleties between spoken and written Japanese, including language suitable for formal situations. Here, students also hone their skills in articulating personal ideas and opinions effectively.

For those reaching the pinnacle of their language journey, the Super Advanced Class offers specialized pathways according to students’ individual goals. The Master Class is designed to enhance fluency to a native-like level, while the Business Class caters to those aiming to join the Japanese workforce after graduation. The Special University Preparation Class prepares students for entrance examinations and admissions to universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools.Each level of the Long-Term Course at the Japanese International School is carefully crafted to guide students from basic language acquisition to mastering advanced Japanese, suitable for both academic and professional settings.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

1yr1yr 3mos1yr 6mos1yr 9mos2yrs
Application Fee30,00030,00030,00030,00030,000
Entrance Fee50,00050,00050,00050,00050,000
Tuition Fee700,000875,0001,050,0001,225,0001,400,000
Maintenance Fee20,00025,00030,00035,00040,000
Short-Term Course

In addition to its comprehensive Long-Term Course, the Japanese International School also offers a Short-Term Course designed for students seeking a more condensed learning experience. This course is ideal for those who wish to rapidly improve their Japanese language skills but may have limited time to commit to long-term study. The Short-Term Course at the Japanese International School provides an intensive immersion into the Japanese language, covering essential linguistic skills and cultural insights. This makes it perfect for learners who want to quickly grasp the fundamentals of Japanese or refine their existing language abilities in a shorter timeframe, while still benefiting from the high-quality education and supportive learning environment the school is known for.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Working Holiday Visa HoldersNon-Working Holiday Visa Holders
Entrance Fee010,000
Tuition Fee147,000 / 3mos175,000 / 3mos
Maintenance Fee1,0001,000

*9:00am – 12:20pm
*13:10pm – 16:30pm (Class hours is same as general course)
*17:30pm – 21:00pm (The night course for working holiday student)


School Dormitory

The Japanese International School provides various accommodation options, including a School Dormitory with 36 single rooms and dormitories for 4 people per room. In addition to these, the school collaborates with “Arkadia”, a real estate management company, to offer students the opportunity to find individual rooms through their website. This partnership expands the choices available to students, catering to those who prefer more private living arrangements.

Furthermore, the school has teamed up with “BeGoodJapan”, which manages a share house in the Namba area. This collaboration gives students access to shared living spaces, offering a unique communal living experience. These diverse accommodation options provided by the Japanese International School ensure that students can find a living situation that best suits their needs while studying in Japan.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Single RoomShare Room for 4
Long-Term Student
Share Room for 4
Short-Term Student
Initial Cost93,00053,00032,000
Rent50,000 / mo26,000 / mo26,000 / mo
Rice Cooker500 / mo500 / mo
Futon3,750 / 3mos3,750 / 3mos

Japanese International School offers a variety of apartment options through its partnership with Arkadia Kanzai Co., Ltd. These apartments are conveniently located within a 15-minute distance from the school, catering to different budgets and preferences. Arkadia Kanzai’s team of real estate specialists provides comprehensive support to students, including arrangements for short stays (with a minimum duration of three months), pre-setting of furniture and home appliances, and ongoing consultation for apartment needs even after graduating from the school. This collaboration ensures that students of the Japanese International School have access to comfortable and suitable apartment accommodations, tailored to their specific requirements during their study period in Japan.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Initial Cost118,000 ~
Rent30,000 ~ / mo
Key Money50,000
Water Bill2,000 / mo
Fire Insurance15,000
Guarantee Company20,000 ~
Contract Handling Fee22,000
Share House

Japanese International School also offers share house accommodation through “BeGood Namba Ebisu,” managed by BeGoodJapan Inc. This share house option is conveniently located just 20 minutes away by bicycle from the school, providing students with an accessible and communal living arrangement. The share house is an excellent choice for students who prefer a more social living environment, fostering interactions and cultural exchange with fellow residents. It complements the diverse accommodation options available at Japanese International School, ensuring students have access to both private and shared living spaces during their study in Japan.

FEE(Japanese Yen)

Share House
Entrance Fee16,500
Cleaning Fee16,500
Furniture Insurance5,400 / year
Rent30,000 – 53,000 / mo
Management & Utilities Fee12,000 / mo
Bicycle Parking Fee500 / mo

Please inquire about other course and accommodation options.


Class TimeMorning Class
9:00 AM – 12:20 PM
Afternoon Class
13:10 PM – 16:30 PM
Night Class
17:30 PM – 21:00 PM
*Either morning or afternoon class based on your level of Japanese.
Hours/Week20 Hours / Week
Course LengthLong-Term
1 year – 2 years
3 months



6-12 Months Prior to Enrollment
3 Months Prior to Enrollment

Make payment. Apply Visa if required.

Welcome to Japan

Pack your bags and fly to Japan !!


Greetings! Ever wondered what your journey in Japan will entail? Whether it’s concerns about job hunting, university admissions, exploring Japan, forging international friendships, or navigating cultural diversity, every individual has unique expectations and challenges. From language barriers to accommodation, healthcare, and financial management – we understand the diverse needs of our students.

Japanese International School (JIS), a proud entity of Kokusai Tsuushin Group with over 15 years of experience in central Osaka, caters to students from more than 30 countries. Our curriculum is universally designed, ensuring inclusivity for students from all backgrounds. Moreover, students have access to healthcare facilities provided by Kokusai Tsuushin Group’s clinic, ensuring their well-being is a priority.

Additionally, our partnership with a professional agency offers skill development and career guidance, equipping students for future success. Our comprehensive support system is dedicated to making your aspirations a reality, all while ensuring a secure and fulfilling educational experience in Japan. We invite you to be a part of our diverse and supportive community at Japanese International School!

Ichinosuke Yamanaka(Executive Secretary)


Studying Japanese in Osaka immerses students in a lively blend of tradition and modernity. Known for its friendly atmosphere, Osaka offers language learning against a backdrop of historical sites and vibrant urban life. The city’s efficient transport system facilitates easy exploration, providing a dynamic and enriching educational environment for Japanese language learners.


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