Wi-Fi and SIM Card Rental for Study in Japan

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Wondering how to stay connected in Japan as an international student? The right Wi-Fi or SIM card rental is essential for seamless communication. This guide delves into the best options available, ensuring you remain online and in touch, whether for studies, socializing, or exploring the vibrant culture of Japan.


Introduction to WiFi and SIM Card Rental in Japan

Choosing between Wi-Fi and SIM card rental in Japan hinges on your length of stay, connectivity needs, and whether you’re traveling alone or in a group. For those visiting Japan for a short duration, up to 90 days, for sightseeing, shopping, or short-term study, prepaid SIM cards or pocket Wi-Fi routers present the most flexible and cost-effective solutions. The absence of cancellation fees and contract period restrictions make these options particularly attractive. Prepaid SIM cards offer a straightforward way to keep your smartphone connected, ideal for individual use, providing both data and, occasionally, voice call options. They’re perfect for international students or tourists who need a temporary, hassle-free mobile connection.

On the other hand, pocket Wi-Fi routers are invaluable for those requiring broader connectivity. Capable of connecting multiple devices simultaneously, they are an excellent choice for groups or individuals with several gadgets. Pocket Wi-Fi ensures that you, along with your companions or all your devices, remain online with a single, easily manageable connection. This is particularly useful for navigating, streaming, or conducting research on the go in Japan.

Long-Term and Short-Term Comparison

Short-Term Wi-Fi and SIM Card Rentals

Short-term Wi-Fi rentals are particularly suitable for foreign exchange students or tourists in Japan for a few months. These rentals offer the convenience of unlimited data without the commitment to long-term contracts, making them ideal for temporary stays. Similarly, short-term SIM card rentals provide up to 90-day contracts, offering a hassle-free solution for those needing immediate, flexible mobile connectivity. This option eliminates concerns over cancellation fees and activation, with the added benefit of unlimited data plans that work with any phone, including those brought from overseas. It’s a cost-effective and practical choice for students engaged in short-term study programs or visitors exploring Japan.

Long-Term Wi-Fi and SIM Card Rentals

For students planning a more extended stay, such as those enrolled in full-time courses lasting several years, long-term Wi-Fi rentals present a viable option. These services offer the flexibility of choosing contract lengths to match one’s stay duration, coupled with excellent internet coverage at affordable rates. Similarly, long-term SIM card rentals cater to foreign residents with contracts for more than 90 days. Acquiring a SIM card with phone number in Japan has become more straightforward for international students thanks to regulatory changes and technological advancements. With mobile carriers prohibited from locking cellphone SIM cards as of October 2021, the process of getting a phone contract, or even bringing your own device to Japan, is less restrictive and more user-friendly.

  • Foreigner-Friendly Plans for International Residents
    These providers, such as Mobal, Sakura Mobile, and Ninja Wi-Fi, are designed with the international community in mind, providing English support and easy online sign-up, even before you arrive in Japan. These plans offer voice and data services, including a Japanese phone number with free incoming calls, on the reliable network including Docomo 4G. Flexible payment options include Debit/Credit Card and PayPal, all with the assurance of no contracts, no hidden fees, and dedicated English customer service, ensuring a hassle-free mobile experience in Japan.
  • Big 4 Japanese Major Carriers Plans
    The Big 4 Japanese carriers (Softbank, Docomo, au, and Rakuten) along with their budget-friendly subdivisions, offer a diverse portfolio of mobile plans catering to various needs, including family plans and cost-effective alternatives. While eSIM options are mainly data-centric and may necessitate in-store registration, paperwork, and reliance on roaming networks, these plans stand on the cutting edge of technology. Committing to a long-term contract with a Japanese bank account opens doors to extensive network coverage and potential savings, despite the intricate fee structures and predominantly Japanese customer support, ensuring a well-supported mobile experience in Japan.
  • MVNO Plans
    MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) plans from providers such as Iijimo, Mineo, povo, LINEMO, and ahamo offer the most budget-friendly mobile solutions in Japan, with prices starting as low as ¥1,000 per month. While these plans provide affordable access to the networks of larger carriers, users may notice reduced speeds during peak usage times due to network prioritization.

Recommended Services with Discount Applied


Mobal, headquartered in the UK, is renowned for its SIM card solutions tailored for Japan visitors. With a range of plans to suit various needs, their offerings include unlimited data options, comparable to pocket Wi-Fi routers in data allowance. A standout feature is Mobal’s free international shipping, enabling travelers to receive their SIM card before even setting foot in Japan. Additionally, Mobal offers Voice SIMs equipped with a Japanese phone number and supports the increasingly popular eSIM technology, catering to modern connectivity demands.

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Sakura Internet

Sakura Mobile is a service beloved by English-speaking visitors traveling or staying long-term in Japan, renowned for its high-quality service and support. Offering unlimited data SIM cards with speed restrictions after a certain usage, Sakura Mobile distinguishes itself through exceptional customer service, including attentive pre-visit inquiries and robust support during travel mishaps. Ideal for first-time visitors or those unfamiliar with SIM card setup, Sakura Mobile ensures a worry-free experience. Additionally, Sakura Mobile supports eSIM technology, further accommodating the needs of modern travelers.

Ninja Wi-Fi

NINJA WiFi is the premier mobile Wi-Fi router rental service for foreign visitors in Japan. Offering simplicity and immediate connectivity, these routers provide secure internet access and are easily picked up or returned at major Japanese airports or delivered to accommodations. With three data plans catering to various usage needs, NINJA WiFi ensures travelers stay connected throughout their journey. English support and user guides enhance the experience, making it an essential tool for navigating and enjoying Japan.

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Finding Free Wi-Fi in Japan

In Japan, finding free public Wi-Fi is increasingly straightforward, especially for visitors. From accommodations like hotels and ryokans offering complimentary internet access to cafes and restaurants such as Starbucks and McDonald’s providing free Wi-Fi with a purchase, staying connected is convenient. Major convenience store chains like 7-Eleven, LAWSON, and FamilyMart have also simplified access to their Wi-Fi services, now available in English. Transportation hubs, including international and domestic airports and major train stations, ensure travelers can easily find Wi-Fi, although the connection might be spotty in transit areas. Additionally, Japan has equipped its shopping centers and tourist attractions with free Wi-Fi, enhancing the visitor experience significantly. For those needing a more dedicated internet session, manga-kissaten or internet cafes offer a unique option with booths for browsing or reading manga, often on a pay-by-hour basis. Overall, Japan’s commitment to providing accessible Wi-Fi has made navigating and exploring the country easier for tourists.


As an international student in Japan, having a reliable internet connection is indispensable for both academic success and daily living. Choosing between Wi-Fi and SIM card rentals involves considering the length of your stay, budget, and specific needs. Options like Mobal and Ninja Wi-Fi cater to a wide range of requirements, offering flexible, cost-effective solutions. Moreover, the availability of free Wi-Fi in schools and public spaces provides an additional connectivity safety net. With the right Wi-Fi or SIM card rental, your study experience in Japan will be both productive and enjoyable, keeping you connected every step of the way.

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