7 Best Japanese Language Schools in Nagoya Aichi Japan 2024

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Nagoya, Aichi, in the heart of Japan, blends tradition with modernity, making it perfect for learning Japanese. Nagoya, Aichi’s vibrant city, is home to the best Japanese language schools. Here, students can immerse themselves in rich culture and innovation, ideal for those looking to dive deep into the Japanese language.


Introduction of Aichi

Aichi Prefecture, in central Japan’s Chubu region, is a blend of old and new, where tradition meets modernity. It’s a place rich in history, famously linked to samurais and ninjas, making it a fascinating area to explore Japan’s past. Nagoya, Aichi’s capital, is known for landmarks like Nagoya Castle and is a vibrant city that combines tech advancements with cultural heritage. The region is famous for craftsmanship in ceramics, textiles, and woodworking, showcasing the skills of local artisans in places like Seto City and Arimatsu.

Living in Aichi offers a mix of city life and nature, with modern amenities in Nagoya and beautiful countryside and coastal areas nearby. It’s an ideal place for education and healthcare, hosting prestigious universities and research institutions, perfect for those looking to study Japanese, study in Nagoya, or study in Aichi at Japanese language schools.

5,173 ㎢ (27th in Japan)

2,325,778 people

Avg. Temperature
16.2℃ (12.3〜21.1℃)

Min. Wage
1,027 JPY/hr

Best Japanese Language Schools in Nagoya Aichi

1. Nagoya JaLS|Nagoya Japanese Language Schools

Explore the vibrant study environment at Nagoya JaLS, the newest campus of the JaLS GROUP, opened in 2024. This Nagoya campus is a hub for those passionate about learning Japanese through a blend of classroom instruction and real-world practice. With a focus on short-term programs, Nagoya JaLS offers an intimate and effective educational experience, allowing students to immerse themselves in language studies each morning and delve into Japan’s rich cultural landscape by afternoon. Perfect for maximizing brief stays in Japan, Nagoya JaLS stands out for its immersive approach in the heart of Nagoya. It’s an ideal setting for students looking for a deep dive into Japanese culture and language.

WHY Nagoya JaLS

  • Personalized Education with Expert Staff
    Nagoya JaLS boasts highly qualified teachers and maintains small class sizes to ensure each student receives personalized attention. The curriculum is skillfully tailored to meet your learning objectives, all within a nurturing atmosphere that feels like family. Here, the dedicated staff and teachers create a supportive, comfortable environment, ensuring you feel right at home while pursuing your language goals.
  • Cultural Immersion in a Modern Setting
    The school offers a comprehensive, year-round program of cultural lessons and activities, designed to enrich your language learning with immersive experiences. Facilities at Nagoya JaLS are top-notch, featuring comfortable lounges, quiet study rooms, and inviting cafés, all aimed at enhancing your comfort and academic success.
  • Flexible Learning and a Welcoming Community
    With the option to start courses on any Monday, Nagoya JaLS provides the flexibility to fit your personal schedule and learning pace. The school is a melting pot of cultures, promoting a sense of community among a diverse group of international students. This vibrant environment not only facilitates learning but also offers numerous opportunities for engaging with local Japanese residents, deepening your cultural immersion.

Nadia Park B1, 3-18-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan,460-0008



2. I.C.NAGOYA Japanese Language School

I.C.NAGOYA Japanese Language School, established in October 1982, has a profound commitment to the essence of Japanese culture, which is rooted in the art of teaching the Japanese language. The school takes pride in imparting not just the language itself but also the underlying thoughts and values that words convey, emphasizing the importance of fostering respectful and meaningful relationships with others. The core principle that underpins this institution is the recognition and nurturing of each individual’s unique personality while providing a conducive environment for students to reach their educational objectives.

WHY I.C.NAGOYA Japanese Language School

  • Pioneering Recognition
    I.C.NAGOYA holds the distinction of being the first Japanese language school in the Chubu area to gain recognition from the Ministry of Justice. This official recognition underscores its commitment to providing high-quality education and a reputable learning environment.
  • Global Perspective
    The school’s name, with “I.C.” standing for “International Communication,” reflects its philosophy of fostering communication skills with a global perspective in mind. I.C.NAGOYA aims to equip its students with the ability to think and act on a global scale, emphasizing the importance of effective cross-cultural communication.
  • Proven Expertise
    With a history spanning more than 35 years, I.C.NAGOYA has an established track record of assisting students from over 30 countries in their Japanese language journey. This extensive experience demonstrates the school’s dedication to language education and its commitment to serving a diverse international student body.

Meieki-Nagata Bld. 3-26-19 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-0002



3. The Yamasa Institute

Discover The Yamasa Institute, a premier choice for those looking to study Japanese in Japan’s historic heart. With its commitment to quality education and immersive cultural experiences, Yamasa stands out for its intensive programs, experienced faculty, and supportive environment. Whether you’re aiming for fluency or university placement, Yamasa’s diverse and dynamic community provides an unparalleled learning journey. It’s the ideal destination for achieving language mastery while enjoying a cost-effective lifestyle.

The Yamasa Institute

  • Small Class Sizes
    Yamasa ensures individual attention with a maximum of 15 students per class, making student-teacher interaction more effective and personal.
  • Intensive Learning
    Offering up to 1050 classes per year, Yamasa provides a rigorous curriculum designed to maximize your language acquisition and ensure you make the most of your time in Japan.
  • Diverse Community
    The genuinely international student body at Yamasa fosters a unique learning environment where Japanese rapidly becomes the common language, enriching your cultural and linguistic experience.

1-2-1 Hanehigashi-machi, Okazaki-city, Aichi Prefecture, 444-0832, Japan



4. NMAC|Nagoya Management and Accounting College Japanese Language Course

NMAC Nagoya Management and Accounting College, founded in 2010, has a rich educational legacy, stemming from its affiliation with the Ozu Scholarship Society and Nagoya Business Accounting College, established in 1986. Beyond its role as a Japanese language school, it actively organizes Japanese language classes, providing foundational training and career guidance, especially for foreign students aspiring to enter Japanese universities and vocational schools. The institution also warmly welcomes international students seeking to pursue higher education in Japan, offering preparatory training, essential subject courses, and expert guidance on university and vocational school applications. Notably, as a food institute, completing the two-year program earns students a valuable “diploma.” With the “direct teaching method” employed by excellent instructors, NMAC ensures an effective and engaging learning experience.

WHY NMAC Japanese Language Course

  • Pathway to Higher Education
    NMAC Japanese Language Course serves as a crucial bridge for international students seeking admission to national, public, or private universities and vocational colleges in Japan. It offers comprehensive preparatory education, supplementary lessons in essential subjects, and expert guidance for graduate school, university, and vocational college applications.
  • Diplomas for Graduates
    Graduates of the two-year course are awarded a valuable “diploma,” signifying their successful completion of the program. This provides students with a recognized qualification upon finishing their studies.
  • Engaging and Inclusive Learning Environment
    The school offers a supportive and immersive atmosphere, with classes held in small groups, tailored to the students’ levels. This approach fosters a sense of camaraderie among learners. Additionally, the institution organizes various events to facilitate interactions between international students and their Japanese counterparts, promoting cross-cultural exchanges. As a vocational school officially approved by Aichi Prefecture, NMAC also provides opportunities for students to continue their education in subjects beyond the Japanese language.

1-1-4 Ikenohata, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan



5. Advance Academy of Japanese Language School

The Advance Academy of Japanese Language, founded in 1990, has been dedicated to providing Japanese language education not only to eager learners but also to those who aim to make meaningful contributions to the global community. Over the years, the institution has garnered a solid reputation, earning the trust of numerous organizations and companies in Japan. This trust has led to their formal affiliation with the academy, forging strong collaborative ties with various Japanese professional entities.

WHY Advance Academy of Japanese Language School

  • Comprehensive Exam Preparation
    The school stands out for its Japanese language seminars designed to prepare students for a range of examinations, including the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), the Japanese University Admission Examination for international students (EJU), and university entrance exams. This comprehensive exam preparation ensures students are well-equipped for their academic and professional pursuits.
  • Holistic Language Learning
    Advance Academy offers Japanese language courses that not only focus on the four fundamental language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—but also emphasize the development of specific skills in reading comprehension, written expression, and oral communication. These courses aim to provide a well-rounded mastery of Japanese, encompassing living, cultural, and social contexts.
  • Extensive Support Services
    The institution is committed to providing a supportive environment for students. Each class has a designated class advisor to offer guidance on a wide range of academic, personal, and economic matters. This includes assistance with scholarships, accommodations, and addressing any challenges that may arise during students’ language learning journey and daily life in Japan.

2-68-1, Toyomae-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi



6. NFNG|Nagoya Fukutoku Japanese Academy

Nagoya Fukutoku Japanese Academy (NFNG) boasts a rich and enduring legacy in Japanese language education. The school’s paramount objective is to empower students to realize their aspirations of attending esteemed universities across Japan. To achieve this, NFNG offers a holistic approach, providing comprehensive guidance for further education. This includes assisting each student in identifying the most appropriate educational institutions and aiding in the intricate process of securing a study visa, including the possibility of a restricted part-time work visa for prospective students.

NFNG|Nagoya Fukutoku Japanese Academy

  • Holistic College Preparation
    NFNG goes beyond Japanese language instruction, offering students a comprehensive college preparation program. This includes lectures to prepare for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), as well as guidance on essay writing and interviews. This holistic approach ensures that students are well-equipped for university admissions.
  • Cultural Immersion and Exchange
    The school places a strong emphasis on enabling students to immerse themselves in Japanese culture. They organize various events and activities, such as trips, kanji calligraphy, and flower arranging, providing international cultural exchange opportunities. This enriching experience helps students connect with the local culture.
  • Comprehensive Support System
    NFNG is committed to ensuring that students successfully adapt to life in Japan. They provide guidance on social etiquette, norms, and personal matters, such as daily life, part-time work, and visa extensions. The close relationship between students and staff ensures that students receive not only quality language education but also extensive support for their overall well-being and adjustment to life abroad.

2-14-22 Aoi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, JAPAN



7. Aichi International Academy

Established in 1990, Aichi International Academy has been a steadfast provider of Japanese language instruction to a diverse student body hailing from all corners of the world. The institution’s mission extends beyond language education. It is committed to equipping students with the essential language skills necessary for thriving in Japan, while also offering a solid foundation in Japanese academic skills, particularly beneficial for those embarking on technical studies in universities and colleges. Notably, Aichi International Academy excels in catering to students pursuing technical education within the realm of universities and colleges. Furthermore, the school takes pride in its role as a cultural ambassador, imparting knowledge of various Japanese customs, traditions, and cultures. This holistic approach underscores the academy’s dedication to nurturing individuals who are not only language-proficient but also well-prepared to make substantial contributions to the global community.

Aichi International Academy

  • EJU Exam Preparation
    Aichi International Academy places a strong emphasis on preparing students for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU). The academy develops its own series of workbooks specifically tailored to the EJU, ensuring students are well-equipped to excel in this crucial examination.
  • Comprehensive Database Management
    The institution utilizes its own custom school management control software to efficiently handle all aspects of school management. This system maintains a comprehensive database of student information, from recruitment to graduation, streamlining clerical and teaching control. It automates tasks such as issuing student identification cards and certificates, resulting in cost savings and improved support for students.
  • Individualized Instruction
    Aichi International Academy takes a personalized approach to instruction, employing the one-on-one method. Teachers carefully assess each student’s unique needs and conditions, providing tailored guidance to ensure all students are prepared to enter their university of choice. This commitment to individualized support sets the academy apart.

1-30-3 Shinsakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi-ken 460-0007, Japan



Popular Aichi Dialect Phrases

  • ひきずり Hikizuri
    “sukiyaki.” Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese hot pot dish made with thinly sliced beef and various vegetables cooked in a sweet soy-based broth.
  • もーやーこ Mōyāko
    This phrase is used to express sharing or dividing something among people. It signifies the act of distributing resources, responsibilities, or items.
  • ケッタ Ketta
    In Nagoya dialect, ケッタ refers to a “bicycle.” It’s the regional term commonly used to describe a bicycle.
  • やっとかめ Yattokame
    Yattokame is used to convey the idea of “long time no see” or that it has been a while since you last met someone. It’s employed during reunions after a significant gap.
  • ぱーぱー Pāpā
    Pāpā describes a situation where windows or doors are left wide open, often to let fresh air in or for ventilation. It signifies that they are completely open.
  • まあひゃあ Māhyā
    This phrase is used to indicate that something is about to happen or that it’s almost time for an event to take place. It expresses a sense of anticipation.
  • トキントキン・トッキントッキン Tokintokin・Tokkintokkin
    These expressions are used to describe objects or things with pointed or sharp ends. They refer to items or situations that have a tip or sharpness.
  • あらすか Arasuka
    Arasuka is used to express disbelief or skepticism, similar to saying “It can’t be” or “No way.” It is used when something appears highly unlikely or impossible.


In conclusion, Aichi offers a unique and enriching environment for studying Japanese. Its rich cultural history, profound connections to samurai and ninja traditions, and the availability of educational resources make it an ideal destination for language learners. Choosing Aichi as a place to study Japanese is not only a pursuit of language proficiency but also an immersive cultural journey, leaving a lasting impact on those seeking to connect with the language and culture of Japan.

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