5 Best Japanese Language Schools in Singapore 2024

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Looking to study Japanese in Singapore? Find top Japanese language schools where the vibrant cultures of Singapore and Japan come together. Designed for learners at every level, these institutions provide immersive experiences for those keen on diving into the Japanese language and culture. Embark on your thrilling adventure into Japanese in Singapore now!


Introduction of Japanese Language Education in Singapore

In Singapore, learning Japanese is a popular choice among language enthusiasts. According to a survey conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) in 2021, there are 19 institutions in Singapore dedicated to teaching Japanese, employing 182 teachers and serving 10,837 students. Additionally, 5,914 individuals are learning Japanese outside traditional school settings, such as language schools. The Japan Foundation’s 2022 survey further reveals that 316 Singaporeans obtained a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to study in Japan, showing a growing interest in deeper cultural and academic exchanges between Singapore and Japan.

Singapore offers a conducive environment for studying Japanese, with a variety of courses catering to different learning stages, from beginners to advanced learners. The presence of numerous Japanese language schools ensures that students can find programs that fit their schedules and learning preferences, whether they prefer online classes, evening courses, or intensive programs. This vibrant learning atmosphere, combined with Singapore’s multicultural backdrop, makes studying Japanese in Singapore an enriching experience, opening doors to understanding not just the language but also the rich culture of Japan.

Best Japanese Language Schools in Singapore

1. IKOMA Language School|Japanese

IKOMA Language School, a Ministry of Education-approved institution in Singapore, has been at the forefront of Japanese language education since May 1996. Located in the bustling district of Orchard since October 1999, and currently based at Shaw House since October 2004, IKOMA offers an enhanced learning environment tailored to meet the needs of its students. With a comprehensive curriculum spanning five proficiency levels from Basic to Further Advanced, the school caters to all stages of learning, ensuring progress from foundational knowledge to advanced fluency. IKOMA stands out for its flexible class schedules, accommodating students with part-time or intensive weekday options, making Japanese language learning accessible to everyone. Celebrating over two decades of excellence, IKOMA Language School is dedicated to promoting Japanese language proficiency, cultural understanding, and personal growth. It’s the ideal place for starting or continuing your Japanese language journey in the heart of Singapore.

350 Orchard Road, #12-07 Shaw House Singapore 238868


+65 6238 0288

2. Bunka Language School|Japanese

Bunka Language School, established in 1985 in Singapore, has been a beacon of Japanese language education for nearly four decades. Renowned for its commitment to high teaching standards, Bunka stands out for its authentic approach to language learning, spearheaded by a team of native Japanese instructors licensed by the Ministry of Education. These instructors bring genuine language and cultural insights into the classroom, offering students an immersive learning experience. Bunka has crafted its own interactive, context-rich curriculum, specifically designed to meet the needs of Singaporean learners, making it a cornerstone of their holistic educational approach. With small class sizes capped at 12 students, Bunka ensures personalized attention, fostering a supportive environment conducive to mastering speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Moreover, Bunka offers corporate Japanese lessons, providing specialized training for professionals and businesses. Priced competitively, Bunka Language School is the go-to destination for anyone in Singapore looking to dive deep into Japanese language and culture.

402 Orchard Rd, #05-15 Delfi Orchard S238876


+65 6737 3601 / +65 6734 1603

3. Japanese Explorer

Japanese Explorer in Singapore is a premier institution dedicated to offering high-quality, accessible Japanese language education. Recognized for its affordability and diversity, the school caters to students of all ages and skill levels, guided by a team of experienced native Japanese instructors. What distinguishes Japanese Explorer is its accreditation by the Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT), ensuring a standardized, effective approach to learning. The school employs a unique teaching method that merges rigorous grammar instruction with practical conversational practice, providing a comprehensive learning experience. This method equips students with essential linguistic skills and the confidence to apply them in real-world scenarios. Offering both in-person and online classes, Japanese Explorer adapts to modern learning preferences, including specialized courses in Business Japanese for professionals. As a dynamic platform for language acquisition, Japanese Explorer is the ideal choice for anyone in Singapore looking to explore the Japanese language and culture.

137 Cecil Street 07-04, Hengda Building Singapore 069537


+65 6528 7918 (Call)/+65 9725 8311 (WhatsApp)

4. Hougang Japanese Language School

Founded in 1983 by Kenji Kitahara, a Kita Kyushu University graduate who mastered Mandarin at Nanyang University, Singapore, Hougang Japanese Language School has been a pivotal part of Singapore’s educational fabric for over four decades. Dedicated to offering exceptional Japanese language instruction, the school has touched the lives of numerous students with a sincere interest in Japanese culture and language. Recognized for its outstanding contributions to language education, the school was featured on Channel 8’s “HDB Tai Tai 2,” where it was highly praised by hosts Kym Ng Zhong Qin and Joyce Chen Li Ping for its affordable yet quality educational offerings. The school gained further media attention when Yutaro Kitahara, the second-generation owner, and “Ah Boys to Men” star Wang Wei Liang showcased Japanese culture on another Channel 8 program, highlighting the school’s commitment to cultural exchange. Hougang Japanese Language School continues to uphold its legacy of providing accessible, high-quality Japanese language education, making it a cherished institution among learners in Singapore.

Hougang School: BLK 204 #04-113/119 Hougang Street 21 (Kovan MRT station of the North-East Line)



5. JCSS|Japanese Culture Society Singapore

The Japanese Cultural Society Singapore (JCSS) is a cornerstone in Singapore’s educational landscape, renowned for its extensive Japanese language programs. Since its foundation in 1963 and official recognition as a non-profit organization in 1964, JCSS has grown to become one of Singapore’s largest and most esteemed Japanese language schools. With a mission deeply rooted in the belief that language is the key to cultural understanding, JCSS has been dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of courses tailored to all learning levels, from complete beginners to advanced students preparing for the JLPT or EJU exams. Officially registered with the Ministry of Education in October 1982, the JCS Japanese Language School, under JCSS, has annually welcomed over 2,000 students, reflecting its enduring commitment to promoting Japanese linguistic and cultural appreciation. Embracing learners with diverse goals, JCSS stands as a pivotal institution for anyone in Singapore looking to explore the depths of Japanese language and culture.

Midland House, 112 Middle Road #05-00, Singapore 188970


+65 6338 3428


Studying Japanese in Canada offers a wealth of opportunities across diverse and vibrant communities, with schools in Toronto and Vancouver leading the way in providing quality Japanese language education. From the immersive programs at Aitas Japanese Immersion School in Toronto to the historic Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall, learners have access to a range of educational experiences that cater to all levels and interests. Whether it’s the culturally rich environment of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre or the personalized approach of Yoko Japanese Learning Vancouver, each institution brings something unique to the table. These schools not only focus on language proficiency but also immerse students in Japanese culture, offering a holistic learning experience. With options ranging from intensive immersion courses to flexible online classes, anyone in Canada looking to study Japanese can find a program that fits their needs, making the journey of learning Japanese in Canada both accessible and enriching.

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