9 Best Online Japanese Language Courses in Japan 2024

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Discover the best online Japanese courses in Japan, where cutting-edge technology meets language learning. Our guide showcases the top digital platforms provided by esteemed Japanese language schools, transforming the study of Japanese for global learners. Explore with us to find your ideal pathway to fluently study Japanese through an online course.


Why Online Japanese Language Learning

Online Japanese courses offer a revolutionary approach to language learning, blending flexibility, accessibility, and a rich array of resources, making them an ideal choice for those keen to study Japanese. These courses, accessible from anywhere, cater to learners’ diverse needs and schedules, providing options for both live and recorded sessions. With an emphasis on interactive tools, from video lectures to forums and webinars, they ensure a holistic development of language skills.

Key to these programs is their self-paced learning model, which is particularly beneficial for beginners, allowing them to absorb and revisit complex concepts at their own pace. This tailored learning experience is enhanced by the choice between group and private lessons, enabling personalized learning paths. From foundational grammar to essential phrases, these courses prepare learners for a richer experience in Japan, supported by the invaluable guidance of experienced instructors from reputable Japanese language schools.

Moreover, online Japanese courses are cost-effective, eliminating the need for physical materials and commute, making them accessible to a wider audience. They also foster a global community, enriching the learning experience with international perspectives. Thus, studying Japanese online offers a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable way to immerse oneself in the language and culture, backed by expert educators, making it a superior choice for language learners globally.

Best Online Japanese Language Courses in Japan

1. COTO Japanese Academy Online Course

COTO Japanese Academy, based in Tokyo, is a distinguished Japanese Language School renowned for pioneering an Online Japanese Language Course. This proactive transition, ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, sets COTO apart from other schools that quickly moved to online formats. This comprehensive course is designed for learners at all levels, making it perfect for anyone looking to Learn Japanese Online. It offers an immersive and interactive learning experience, tailored to both beginners and advanced learners. A standout feature of the course is its 24/7 availability, facilitated by native Japanese instructors across the globe, ensuring accessibility for students in any time zone. COTO Academy’s small class sizes, with a maximum of 8 students, or the option for personalized one-on-one lessons, guarantee individual attention. This approach is particularly effective in building practical Japanese language skills for daily use. The instructors at COTO are more than teachers; they are passionate mentors who provide customized feedback and support, significantly enhancing the learning experience. Further enriching its offerings, COTO Academy provides additional learning materials through its blog and YouTube channel. These resources cover Japanese culture and lifestyle, offering a broader context for the language learning process.

WHY COTO Japanese Academy

  • Flexible and Accessible Learning
    COTO Japanese Academy’s Online Japanese Language Course offers unparalleled flexibility and accessibility. With native Japanese instructors located around the world, the course is available 24/7, accommodating students from any time zone. This feature is particularly beneficial for learners with varying schedules, allowing them to choose class times that fit their lifestyle.
  • Personalized and Interactive Classes
    The academy maintains small class sizes, with a maximum of 8 students, ensuring personalized attention and an interactive learning environment. For those seeking more tailored instruction, one-on-one private lessons are also available. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of the Japanese language, enhancing practical skills for daily conversation and cultural immersion.
  • Comprehensive Learning Resources
    Beyond the structured classes, COTO Japanese Academy offers a wealth of additional learning materials through its blog and YouTube channel. These resources provide insights into Japanese culture, lifestyle, and practical language use, supporting a more holistic approach to language learning. This combination of formal instruction and supplementary content makes the learning experience at COTO both comprehensive and engaging.

2. SNG|Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute Online Course

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute in Tokyo presents a dynamic opportunity for learners globally to master Japanese through its Online Japanese Language Course. Recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Education and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, this institute stands out with its 48-year legacy in language education. Central to its pedagogy is the “Ezoe Teaching Method,” a pioneering visual learning system, highly effective for teaching Japanese to an international audience. The institute skillfully combines the expertise of certified native teachers with innovative technology, offering a range of courses from beginner to business level. This approach makes learning Japanese online both accessible and engaging, providing a practical and enjoyable path to fluency.

WHY SNG|Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

  • Ezoe Teaching Method
    This unique visual learning system forms the backbone of the institute’s approach, ensuring an engaging and effective language learning experience.
  • Diverse and Intimate Class Sizes
    With small class sizes averaging around 6 students and a maximum of 15, the institute offers a personalized learning environment, catering to different learning styles and budgets.
  • Flexible Course Frequency
    Students have the flexibility to choose how often they attend classes, from once a week to daily sessions, allowing them to customize their learning journey according to their schedule and goals.

3. Akira Online Japanese Language School

Founded in January 2019, Akira Online Japanese School in Tokyo has rapidly emerged as a leading force in the realm of language education, offering a distinct Online Japanese Language Course. This innovative Japanese Language School has captivated a global audience, drawing in students eager to Learn Japanese Online. At the heart of Akira’s educational philosophy is its commitment to Second Language Acquisition Research (SLA), which informs a teaching approach that is both scientific and highly personalized. Akira’s unique methodology is tailored to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of its students, ranging from everyday conversational skills to professional business language proficiency. This approach transcends traditional language instruction, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Through Akira, students are not just learning a language; they are engaging with a rich cultural tapestry, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture and communication styles, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a comprehensive and nuanced approach to learning Japanese.

WHY Akira Online Japanese Language School

  • Strategic, Personalized Curriculum
    Akira starts each student’s journey with a thorough assessment, including an interview, level check, and a free trial. This process leads to the development of a personalized curriculum, aligning with individual goals, whether for daily communication, business proficiency, or JLPT preparation.
  • SLA-Based Teaching Approach
    The courses at Akira are grounded in SLA, utilizing insights from neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics. This scientific approach not only aids in effective language acquisition but also helps students understand the ‘why’ behind their learning activities, enhancing overall comprehension and application.
  • Flipped Learning Model
    Akira employs a ‘flipped learning’ approach, where students prepare grammar and sentence patterns before class, allowing in-class time to be dedicated to developing conversational skills. This method has shown to be highly effective, focusing over 90% of class time on active language use.

4. TCJ|Tokyo Central Japanese Language School Online Course

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School (TCJ), a premier institution in the realm of Japanese language education, offers an enriching Online Japanese Language Course that caters to learners worldwide. Renowned for over 30 years of expertise and recognized as a top Japanese Language School, TCJ facilitates the opportunity to Learn Japanese Online with high-quality, live lessons. TCJ’s curriculum, adaptable to various learning needs, ranges from fundamental language skills to specialized training for professional and academic contexts. Emphasizing a blend of traditional and innovative teaching methods, TCJ makes it possible for students from any corner of the globe to Study Japanese Online, offering a comprehensive approach to language learning that combines practical skills with cultural understanding.

WHY TCJ|Tokyo Central Japanese Language School

  • Extensive History and Experience
    With more than 30 years of history, TCJ brings a depth of expertise and a rich tradition in Japanese language education, contributing to its reputation as a top-tier institution.
  • Diverse Course Options and Levels
    TCJ offers a broad spectrum of classes, accommodating different learning objectives with levels ranging from beginner (N5-N4) to advanced (N1 and above), ensuring a pathway for every student’s language journey.
  • Innovative and Flexible Educational Methods
    Emphasizing a unique approach to language teaching, TCJ integrates cultural and social skill development with language proficiency. This method, combined with the flexibility to choose between online and in-person classes, caters to various lifestyles and learning preferences.

5. Akamonkai Online Japanese Language School

Akamonkai Online Japanese Language School, established in 1985, has become a cornerstone in the realm of Japanese language education, offering a robust Online Japanese Language Course. Catering to over 20,000 international students from more than 80 countries, Akamonkai stands out as a prestigious Japanese Language School, authorized as an educational corporation. The school is celebrated for its high-quality instruction, delivered by professional native Japanese teachers, and has cultivated a reputation for excellence. Emphasizing small group, intensive courses, Akamonkai provides a dynamic and immersive platform for students to Learn Japanese Online. The school’s innovative methods, combined with personalized student support and a focus on communication, make it an ideal choice for those looking to Study Japanese Online, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

WHY Akamonkai Online Japanese Language School

  • Focused Small Classes & Communication Training
    Akamonkai offers a unique learning environment with classes limited to 3-6 students, ensuring personalized attention and an intensive focus on language acquisition. This setting is complemented by a curriculum that heavily emphasizes enhancing both speaking and writing skills. Students partake in daily conversational practice and essay writing, which not only improves fluency in speaking but also precision in writing Japanese, fostering a balanced development in language skills.
  • Practical Learning with Rich Resources
    The school employs a variety of rich examples and illustrative materials in teaching kanji, vocabulary, and grammar. This includes providing numerous example sentences and clear visuals, aiding in understanding the distinction between spoken and written Japanese and their practical application in daily life. This methodical approach ensures that students can easily grasp the nuances of Japanese language use.
  • Consistent Review & Reinforcement
    Akamonkai places a strong emphasis on the review and reinforcement of learned material, with each class incorporating a recap of prior lessons. This consistent review, especially of kanji and grammar, is paired with detailed teacher guidance to reinforce weak points. Such a focused approach to reinforcement ensures a deeper understanding and long-term retention of the Japanese language, enabling students to build a strong foundational knowledge.

6. ISI Japanese Language School Online Course

ISI Japanese Language School offers a high-caliber Online Japanese Language Course, providing an opportunity to Learn Japanese Online with the same quality as studying in Japan, but from the comfort of your home. This program is ideal for those living abroad, lacking access to quality native Japanese teachers, or preferring to learn without the commute. With more than 30,000 students from over 110 countries, ISI has established itself as a diverse and experienced Japanese Language School. Its online platform caters to various learning needs, whether you are starting as a beginner or advancing your skills. ISI’s professional teachers, unique educational system, and international environment make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to Study Japanese Online, especially for those serious about achieving their dreams and goals in these unpredictable times.

WHY ISI Japanese Language School

  • Unique Educational System
    ISI employs a multimedia approach that includes original teaching materials and videos. This engaging method helps learners, especially beginners, understand and connect with the language by applying it to real-life situations, fostering a sense of accomplishment and fun.
  • Highly Skilled Professional Teachers
    ISI’s classes are led by experienced and certified Japanese language instructors. These instructors offer tailored support based on individual learning needs, ensuring that students receive the guidance necessary to excel in their language journey.
  • Global Interaction
    With a diverse student body from over 110 countries, ISI creates a global learning environment. Students not only learn Japanese but also gain exposure to various cultures and perspectives, enriching their language acquisition with a deeper understanding of global contexts.

7. Japatalk

In the digital age, the quest to master a new language has transcended traditional boundaries, leading many to the dynamic and accessible world of online education. Among these innovative avenues, JapaTalk stands out as a premier destination for those aspiring to learn Japanese online. Founded in 2005, this reputable online Japanese language course has been paving the way in language learning for over 15 years. With its robust network of 461 skilled teachers and a thriving community of more than 4,600 students, JapaTalk offers an unparalleled experience for studying Japanese online. The platform’s distinctive approach is tailored to meet the needs of modern learners, providing an easy-to-access service through just an internet connection and Skype. The exceptional flexibility, affordability, and personalized learning structure of JapaTalk make it more than just a Japanese language school; it’s a gateway to cultural immersion and linguistic proficiency.

WHY Japatalk

  • Flexibility in Learning
    JapaTalk’s platform empowers students with the freedom to select their preferred instructors and schedule lessons at times that suit their lifestyle. This flexibility ensures a learning experience that is both convenient and tailored to individual needs.
  • Customizable Lesson Plans
    The service offers diverse learning options, from free conversation to structured situation talking. This variety caters to different learning styles and goals, whether a student is focused on casual conversation or more formal language use.
  • Affordability
    With rates as low as $3 for a 25-minute lesson, JapaTalk makes learning Japanese online both accessible and budget-friendly. This competitive pricing structure opens doors for a wider audience to engage in learning Japanese without financial constraints.

Free Online Services for Japanese Language Learning


The IRODORI Japanese Online Course marks a groundbreaking approach in the field of online Japanese language learning, not only for its comprehensive and engaging content but also for its remarkable feature of being free of charge. This online Japanese language course is designed around the acclaimed “Irodori: Japanese for Life in Japan” textbooks by the Japan Foundation, offering a deep dive into the language necessary for daily life in Japan. With its innovative blend of illustrations, audios, and videos, IRODORI stands as a beacon for those aspiring to learn Japanese online, particularly for those moving to Japan under the “Specified Skilled Worker” visa. The no-cost access to this quality educational resource opens doors for a wider audience, from busy adults overseas to those eager to integrate into Japanese society, making it a unique and invaluable asset in the realm of studying Japanese online.


  • Wide Range of Learning Levels for Free
    IRODORI offers various proficiency levels – Starter (A1), Elementary 1 (A2), and Elementary 2 (A2) – at no cost. This enables learners of all backgrounds to access quality Japanese language education aligned with the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education.
  • Practical and Relevant Language Skills
    The course’s focus on practical language skills essential for daily life in Japan makes it highly relevant for those looking to live and work there, offering a real-life application approach to language learning.
  • Flexible and Accessible Learning Anytime, Anywhere
    With its availability on multiple devices and the added advantage of being free, IRODORI provides unparalleled flexibility and accessibility for learners. This allows for the integration of Japanese language learning into any lifestyle or schedule.


Dive into the rich and intricate world of Japanese language and culture with MARUGOTO, a comprehensive and free online learning platform. Hosted on the JF Japanese e-Learning Minato platform and developed by the Japan Foundation, MARUGOTO offers an engaging approach to mastering Japanese. This course, based on the “Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture” coursebook and aligned with the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education, goes beyond mere language instruction to include cultural nuances. It’s tailored for adult learners around the world, especially those balancing busy schedules or with limited local learning opportunities, making it an accessible and inviting option for those interested in Japanese culture and language.


  • Extensive and Structured Curriculum
    Covering levels from A1 to A2B1 and adhering to the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education, MARUGOTO offers a thorough educational progression from basic to advanced language skills.
  • Cultural Integration in Language Learning
    MARUGOTO uniquely integrates cultural insights into its language education, offering learners a more immersive and comprehensive understanding of Japanese.
  • Flexible and Accessible Learning Opportunities
    Available on various devices and completely free, MARUGOTO enables learners to study Japanese at their own pace and convenience, making it an ideal solution for those managing various life commitments.

Preparation for Taking the Online Japanese Language Courses

Beginning an online Japanese Language Course is a journey filled with learning and cultural exploration. To fully immerse yourself in this enriching experience, it’s important to be well-equipped with the right tools and environment. Ensuring that you have the appropriate setup not only enhances your ability to absorb the language but also makes the process of learning more enjoyable and effective. Here’s what you need to consider for your online Japanese course setup:

  • Visual Connectivity
    Clear visual communication is key in an online learning environment. The ideal setup involves using a computer with a webcam. This allows for high-quality video, making it easier to interact with your instructor and understand the material presented. If a computer isn’t available, a tablet is a good alternative, offering a decent screen size for viewing lessons. In situations where mobility is needed, a smartphone can suffice, though it may have limitations due to its smaller screen.
  • Internet Connection
    A solid internet connection is crucial for uninterrupted learning. The best option is to use a stable, high-speed connection at home, whether it’s cabled or Wi-Fi. Mobile internet can also work, but it might not always be reliable, especially if you’re moving around. It’s advisable to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, such as those in cafes or public spaces, as they may not provide the speed and security needed for a smooth learning experience.
  • Audio Equipment
    For the best auditory experience, headphones with an attached microphone are recommended. This setup not only ensures that you can hear your instructor clearly but also helps in conveying your responses without background noise interference. Built-in speakers and microphones are a decent alternative, but be mindful of potential ambient noise. If using speakers and a separate microphone, ensure they are properly configured for clarity.
  • Payment Methods
    Courses typically offer various payment options for convenience and security. Popular methods include Flywire and PayPal. If you’re uncertain about which method to use, don’t hesitate to ask for advice or clarification from the course provider.

Setting up correctly for your online Japanese language course is about creating an environment conducive to learning. With the right technological setup and a conducive learning environment, you’re well on your way to successfully acquiring a new language and diving into a new cultural experience.


If you’re planning to travel, study, or work in Japan, taking an online Japanese language course beforehand comes highly recommended. These courses provide a solid foundation in both the language and cultural nuances of Japan, equipping you with essential communication skills and cultural insights. By learning Japanese online, you gain the ability to navigate daily interactions, understand cultural norms, and feel more confident in your ability to integrate into Japanese society. This preparation can greatly enhance your overall experience in Japan, whether for leisure, academic pursuits, or professional endeavors. The flexibility and accessibility of these online courses make them a practical choice for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture before embarking on their journey.

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