9 Best Summer Japanese Courses and Programs in Japan 2024

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How can you make the most of your summer while diving into the Japanese language and culture? Discover the top summer courses in Japan, where immersive language lessons meet unique cultural experiences, creating the ideal setting for language enthusiasts to flourish at the finest Japanese language schools.


Summer in Japan

Enrolling in a summer course at a Japanese language school is an unparalleled opportunity to master the language while immersing yourself in the country’s rich cultural heritage. Japan’s summer, from June to August, unfolds with warm, humid weather, where temperatures often exceed 30°C (86°F). This vibrant season offers students countless chances to practice Japanese in authentic situations, significantly enhancing their language proficiency.

Japanese language schools capitalize on the summer months by integrating classroom learning with immersive outdoor activities and cultural experiences. Students get to participate in iconic summer festivals such as the colorful Tanabata and the traditional Obon, offering real-life contexts to use and improve their Japanese. Moreover, summer invites explorations of Japan’s scenic beauty, from tranquil beaches to verdant mountains, adding a picturesque dimension to the learning experience.

Choosing a summer course in Japan facilitates rapid progression in Japanese language skills while providing a deep dive into the nation’s cultural depth. Language schools design their curricula to include cultural workshops, field trips, and interactions with native speakers. This holistic approach ensures students not only study Japanese in an academic setting but also experience the language through memorable summer adventures.

Best Summer Japanese Courses and Programs in Japan


Dive into an enriching summer of learning and cultural immersion with JaLS GROUP’s Summer Courses! Offering two unique sessions tailored to all learning levels, these courses blend intensive Japanese language lessons with authentic cultural experiences. From exploring the vibrant world of manga and anime to witnessing the breathtaking lavender fields of Furano, each course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Japanese culture. With small class sizes, personalized attention from skilled educators, and a plethora of activities including Japanese drumming, flower arranging, and language exchanges, JaLS GROUP is your gateway to mastering Japanese while enjoying Hokkaido’s stunning summer. Whether you’re beginning your linguistic journey or advancing your skills, JaLS’s summer courses are the perfect blend of education and adventure. Join us to study Japanese at a leading Japanese language school and make unforgettable memories this summer!

2. ISI Japanese Language School

Discover an unforgettable summer with ISI Japanese Language School’s dynamic Summer Courses! Perfect for students from 15 years old, these courses are tailored to beginner and intermediate levels (CEFR: A1~B1), offering a unique blend of practical Japanese learning, cultural immersion, and exciting activities. With classes capped at 20 students and running from 8:50 to 12:00 Japan time, you’ll dive deep into the language while still having ample time for after-class adventures. Choose from three different sessions to fit your schedule, and even select accommodation to complete your experience. Beyond language lessons, engage in a variety of activities that showcase Japan’s ‘Kawaii’ culture, modernity, and tradition. Plus, international exchange events provide a vibrant platform to connect with students from around the globe. At ISI, with campuses in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagano, learning goes beyond the classroom, making it a top choice for those looking to study Japanese in Japan this summer.

3. Lexis Japan

Elevate your Japanese this summer at Lexis Japan, located in the vibrant heart of Kobe. The Teen Summer Program stands out globally, blending fast-paced, communicative language learning with an array of afternoon activities tailored for 13-17-year-olds. Running from 07 July to 10 August, the program offers flexible durations from 1 to 4 weeks. Participants engage with ‘real world’ materials under the guidance of fully qualified instructors, focusing on enhancing communication skills through fun, interactive classes. Lexis Japan, honored with the 2014 STM Star Award for ‘World Language School’, provides an immersive learning journey, combining academic excellence with cultural exploration. It’s an opportunity to start or advance in Japanese, through a dynamic, effective curriculum in one of Japan’s most engaging cities. A summer course at this leading Japanese language school promises unforgettable experiences and the chance to forge lasting friendships while diving into Japan’s rich culture.

4. GenkiJACS

Experience an unforgettable summer with the Genki Japanese and Culture School’s Summer Course, specifically crafted for younger learners. This exceptional program weaves together intensive, communication-centric Japanese lessons with a rich tapestry of cultural activities, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey. With classes limited to eight students, personalized attention from instructors is a cornerstone, enabling swift progress in language acquisition. The course is peppered with unique cultural experiences every Saturday—tea ceremonies, manga drawing, kimono wearing, and more—plus daily activities that immerse students deeply in Japanese culture. Offering flexible start dates across June, July, and August, the program fits a variety of schedules. Situated in Japan’s lively cities, GenkiJACS creates a nurturing environment where students can flourish both in language skills and cultural understanding. Ideal for those seeking to combine effective language learning with cultural exploration, this summer course is a standout choice at a leading Japanese language school.

4. Tokyo International Japanese School

Tokyo International Japanese School invites you to join our acclaimed summer course, a highlight for those looking to study Japanese while experiencing the vibrant heart of Tokyo, especially in Shinjuku. With over 35 years of history, our program stands as one of Japan’s most sought-after Japanese language courses each summer. It’s not just about enhancing your language skills; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and make lifelong friends from around the globe. Our summer course, running through July and August, combines morning language classes with an array of afternoon activities, from cultural workshops to exciting excursions, making every day a new adventure. Join about 200 students from diverse backgrounds for a special summer filled with learning, exploration, and international friendship at our esteemed Japanese language school.

5. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

The Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute presents a distinctive Summer Course, offering students the chance to learn Japanese in the morning and delve into both traditional and contemporary Japanese culture in the afternoon. Located in the lively student district of Takadanobaba, just a five-minute walk from the train station, the institute is accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. From July 2 to July 31, 2024, participants will receive a yukata, embracing an authentic Japanese summer. The course caters to all proficiency levels, with specialized teaching methods and digital content to ensure effective learning. Excursions to cultural landmarks like Kamakura’s Giant Buddha and Mount Fuji, along with optional free activities, provide a comprehensive cultural immersion. Accommodation options are varied, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience for everyone looking to study Japanese in a dynamic environment.

6. Kai Japanese Language School

KAI Japanese Language School, renowned for welcoming students from North America and Europe, offers an enriching summer course designed to fast-track Japanese language learning. Running from August 5th to August 16th, 2024, this program focuses on grammar and conversation, promising substantial progress in a fun setting. Tailored for beginners to intermediate learners, it features morning classes and immersive afternoon activities exploring Tokyo’s sights and culture. With class sizes capped to ensure personalized attention, KAI combines traditional learning with its pioneering KAI Digital Learning System for an interactive experience. This Tokyo-based school, known for its diverse course offerings and modern approach, provides a vibrant, technology-enhanced environment ideal for students eager to dive into Japanese this summer.

7. Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture

The Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture in Tokyo presents an intensive summer course designed for rapid advancement in Japanese language skills. This program is ideal for students eager to enhance their conversational abilities in a short time frame. Through immersive lessons focused on situational conversation, students will navigate real-life scenarios they might encounter in Japan. The course not only emphasizes language proficiency but also offers deep dives into Japanese culture, traditions, and society via a variety of activities. Participants will also have the unique opportunity to stay in a homestay, experiencing authentic Japanese life firsthand and significantly boosting their communication skills. This approach makes Kudan an outstanding choice for those looking to combine language study with cultural exploration in Japan.

8. Akita Inaka Japanese Langauge

Akita Inaka School offers a unique summer course that combines learning practical conversational Japanese in the mornings with engaging in the tranquil beauty of the countryside and its cultural activities in the afternoons. This course provides an immersive experience, from participating in local festivals and pottery classes to exploring hidden onsens and wearing traditional yukata. Set in an environment reminiscent of a Ghibli movie, students enjoy a peaceful setting ideal for learning. Activities are designed to use Japanese in real-life situations, fostering a deep connection with the culture and the local community. Homestay accommodations enhance this authentic experience, making Akita Inaka School a premier destination for those looking to study Japanese in a rich, immersive environment during the summer.

9. Akamonkai Japanese Language School

The Akamonkai Japanese Language School in Tokyo offers an enriching summer course designed for a holistic experience of Japanese culture, sightseeing, and language learning. Running from July 3rd to July 25th, this program features morning classes focused on practical Japanese, complemented by a diverse range of afternoon activities, including cultural exchanges and traditional workshops. Open to adults 18 and older, regardless of Japanese proficiency, this course provides a vibrant mix of classroom learning and cultural immersion. Participants will enjoy activities such as sushi making, calligraphy, and excursions to iconic locations like Tokyo Disneyland and Mt. Fuji. Akamonkai ensures a rewarding summer with classes tailored to each student’s skill level, set in a convenient Tokyo location, making it an ideal setting for those eager to study Japanese and engage deeply with the local culture.

Summer Activities in Japan

  • Attending Fireworks Festivals (Hanabi Taikai)
    Summer in Japan is renowned for its spectacular fireworks festivals, where the night sky is illuminated with vibrant colors and patterns. It’s a perfect occasion for experiencing Japanese summer culture and tradition.
  • Participating in Bon Odori Dances
    During the Obon festival in summer, communities gather to perform Bon Odori, traditional Japanese dances, to honor the spirits of ancestors. This event is a great way for visitors to immerse themselves in Japanese customs and communal activities.
  • Visiting Summer Festivals (Matsuri)
    Summer is the season of matsuri, or festivals, in Japan. Each region has its own unique celebration, featuring processions, traditional food, games, and performances, offering a deep dive into local culture and traditions.
  • Climbing Mount Fuji
    The official climbing season for Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak, is during the summer months. This challenging yet rewarding activity offers breathtaking views and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Enjoying Beaches and Marine Sports
    Japan’s coastlines come alive in the summer, with beaches like Okinawa, Shonan, and Zushi being popular spots for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, making the most of the summer sun.
  • Exploring Lavender Fields in Hokkaido
    Hokkaido’s Furano Valley is famous for its stunning lavender fields, which bloom beautifully in July. It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers and photographers.
  • Experiencing Gion Matsuri in Kyoto
    One of the most famous festivals in Japan, Gion Matsuri takes place in Kyoto in July. It features elaborate floats and processions, showcasing Kyoto’s rich history and culture.
  • Visiting Cooling Waterfalls
    Escaping the summer heat by visiting some of Japan’s majestic waterfalls, such as Nachi Falls or Kegon Falls, offers a refreshing break and a chance to connect with nature.
  • Hiking in Japan’s National Parks
    Take advantage of the milder weather by hiking in Japan’s national parks, such as Nikko National Park or Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, where the lush landscapes and cooler temperatures create ideal conditions for outdoor adventures.
  • Enjoying Seasonal Cuisine
    Summer in Japan offers a variety of seasonal delicacies, including kakigori (shaved ice), somen (cold noodles), and unagi (eel), providing a tasty way to cool down and experience Japan’s culinary culture.


Explore Japan this summer with top-rated Japanese language courses! Our guide highlights the best summer courses offering immersive experiences in Japan’s rich culture and language. From the vibrant streets of Tokyo to the historic alleys of Kyoto, these programs combine intensive Japanese lessons with cultural activities like tea ceremonies and manga drawing. With options for all levels, small class sizes, and expert instructors, these courses at leading Japanese language schools are perfect for those looking to study Japanese and embrace Japan’s unique heritage.

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