45 Best YouTube Channels for Studying Japanese 2024

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Are you passionate about learning Japanese but overwhelmed by the vast number of educational resources available? Finding the right YouTube channel can make all the difference. In this article, we introduce you to the best YouTube channel for studying Japanese, offering engaging content and effective learning strategies.


Learning with YouTube

YouTube serves as a treasure trove for Japanese language learners and enthusiasts, offering a plethora of content spanning language skills, cultural insights, and daily life in Japan. With countless channels available, finding the right fit amidst the vast array of options can feel daunting.

Fortunately, dedicated YouTube creators cater to Japanese learners, offering engaging lessons on language fundamentals, cultural nuances, and immersive experiences in Japanese life. From basic greetings to in-depth discussions, these channels provide valuable resources for learners at any stage.

Beyond language learning, these channels offer glimpses into Japanese culture, traditions, and everyday experiences, enriching viewers’ understanding and appreciation of Japan. With diverse content tailored to various interests and proficiency levels, YouTube becomes an indispensable tool for exploring the Japanese language and way of life.

Best YouTube Channels for Studying Japanese Language

1. JapanesePod101

JapanesePod101 is a vast resource YouTube Channel with hundreds of videos covering grammar, vocabulary, kanji, and more. It’s a treasure trove for beginners and also offers intermediate content, including listening practice, reading comprehension, and cultural insights. Whether you’re studying Japanese or planning a trip, JapanesePod101 has something for everyone.

2. Japanese Ammo With Misa

Misa’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove for Japanese language learners, offering playlists from absolute beginner levels to JLPT N5 and N4. Engaging and thorough, her lessons include grammar, characters, vocabulary, and listening practices, highlighted with teaching techniques like mistake identification, bilingual scripts, and color-coded phrases for an immersive learning experience.

3. Miku Real Japanese

Miku’s YouTube channel has a unique blend of Japanese learning, combining textbook knowledge with natural, everyday phrases. Tailored for beginners and intermediates, her content ranges from humorous sketches to detailed grammar lessons, enhanced with listening exercises. Miku’s Patreon offers extra resources, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging learning journey.

4. NihongoDekita with Sayaka

NihongoDekita with Sayaka offers bite-sized lessons on everyday Japanese, blending humor and a casual tone for easy learning. Ideal for a light-hearted study session before bed, Sayaka’s videos teach you one new thing daily, from expressing hunger to saying goodbye, all while perfecting pronunciation with the right rhythm.

5. Foxumon

Foxumon’s channel is a YouTube Channel for those finding NHK Easy News challenging. Offering word-by-word translations of articles, and in earlier videos, detailed explanations of grammar and vocabulary, Foxumon helps learners acclimate to news story styles, expand vocabulary, and understand common Japanese phrases, facilitating discussions on Japanese current affairs.

6. Learn Japanese With Noriko

Learn Japanese With Noriko is an ideal YouTube channel for intermediate learners aiming to boost their listening skills. Featuring entirely Japanese content at an N3 level, the videos—ranging from monologues to guest appearances—are both engaging and educational. Noriko, a seasoned Japanese teacher, ensures approachable difficulty, with scripts available on her website.

7. Tae Kim

Tae Kim’s YouTube channel offers concise, focused tutorials on Japanese grammar, echoing the clarity of his famed grammar guide. While critiques mention oversimplifications, the videos serve as learner-friendly overviews, complete with examples and comprehension checks. Ideal for studying topics quickly, Tae Kim’s channel streamlines learning without overwhelming detail.

8. 日本語の森

日本語の森 (Nihongo no Mori) has been a staple for Japanese learners since 2013, boasting a vast library mainly for intermediate and advanced students, all in Japanese. From grammar and vocabulary to onomatopoeia, the channel offers diverse teaching styles across its many series, inviting learners to find their perfect instructional match.

9. 三本塾 -Sambon Juku-

三本塾 -Sambon Juku- is your gateway to learning Japanese through Japanese through YouTube. Akkie, your guide, delivers grammar lessons in slow, comprehensible Japanese. Featuring playlists for JLPT N3 and N2, and a special 日本語おもしろい!series on onomatopoeia, unique expressions, and informal greetings, it’s perfect for immersive and engaging study.

10. Learning Kanji

Learning Kanji on YouTube might not replace writing practice, but the Learning Kanji channel is a notable exception. Offering explanations, readings, and stroke orders for beginner-level kanji, the teacher blends Japanese and English instruction. Each video includes links to printable worksheets, aligning with the elementary school system for holistic learning.

11. Japanese by Chunking

Japanese by Chunking offers a comprehensive learning experience on YouTube with an abundance of example sentences and practical exercises. Catering to a multilingual audience, it provides translations in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. With specialized playlists for various JLPT levels, easy phrases, onomatopoeia, and folktales, it’s a rich resource for deepening your understanding of Japanese.

12. ToKini Andy

Tokini Andy’s YouTube channel complements Genki I and II textbooks with a video for each chapter, enriching your study with extra vocabulary, sentences, and dialogues. As a conversational fluent learner himself, Andy’s slow-paced, insightful videos offer additional listening practice and grammar tips, with Patreon subscribers gaining even more resources.

13. Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese offers a versatile array of resources for learners at all levels. From tackling grammar challenges to anime-inspired content, there’s something for everyone. Beginners will appreciate playlists on writing systems, survival Japanese, and N5 to N4 levels. With clear, comprehensive explanations and an active community engagement, it’s a supportive learning hub.

14. Dogen

Dogen is renowned for his exceptional Japanese pitch-accent and pronunciation tutorials, making him a go-to for learners aiming to perfect their accent on YouTube. Beyond the comprehensive lessons, his channel is filled with humorous shorts reflecting his life in Japan. While aimed at advanced learners, subtitles make his content accessible, offering invaluable insights into sounding like a native speaker.

15. Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon’s YouTube channel skillfully combines Japanese lessons, translation insights, and anime video essays with a humorous touch. Ideal for beginners, her “Japanese for Beginners (Genki vol. I)” playlist complements or independently serves as a study resource, offering unique examples and phrases aligned with the Genki textbooks, all while encouraging learners.

16. NihonGoal

NihonGoal, led by Rose, is a go-to resource for fans of the Minna no Nihongo textbooks on YouTube. Offering well-structured lessons divided into vocabulary, grammar, and kanji for each textbook unit, Rose’s clear, non-native perspective provides a relatable approach to learning Japanese, making the language accessible to all levels.

17. JapanSocietyNYC

JapanSocietyNYC is a formal YouTube channel by the organization aiming to deepen the US-Japan relationship. It features a variety of videos focused on Japanese learning and cultural insights. The channel is well-known for its engaging “Waku Waku” lessons, providing a rich resource for those interested in both language and cultural exchange.

18. Learn Japanese – Coto Japanese Academy

Japanese Language School – Coto Academy’s YouTube channel is ideal for beginners eager to learn Japanese directly in the language. Offering over 50 tutorials each for N5 and N4 levels, plus videos on vocabulary, kanji, and natural phrases, Coto Academy utilizes repetition and pauses for an accessible learning experience.

19. Yuko Sensei

Yuko Sensei’s channel, led by a veteran Japanese teacher of 20 years, breathes life into PowerPoint-style lessons with free and premium content focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and scripts. Primarily for beginners (N5 and N4), her videos employ color-coding and dual-script text to demystify particles, verbs, and sentence structures, often referencing Genki textbook chapters.

20. That Japanese Man Yuta

That Japanese Man Yuta offers a unique glimpse into Japanese culture through street interviews on topics like social issues and masculinity, all with English subtitles. While excellent for listening practice, beware the subtitles might distract from learning. The channel also features anime breakdowns, cultural opinions, and reaction videos, enriching your understanding of Japan.

21. Easy Japanese – Learn Japanese from the Streets!

Easy Languages’ Japanese YouTube series immerses you in authentic conversations, as native speakers discuss topics ranging from slang to Christmas and martial arts. Enhance your listening skills, expand your vocabulary, and delve into cultural nuances with videos featuring triple subtitles: Japanese, romaji, and English. It’s a test of discipline to focus on the Japanese, not just the translations.

22. Ako Nihongo Lessons

Ako Nihongo Lessons brings the classroom to YouTube, with recordings of Ako-sensei’s live classes taught predominantly in Japanese, complemented by English written explanations. Though the videos may not buzz with energy, they’re meticulously organized, featuring example sentences, practice exercises, and review quizzes to solidify your understanding of the language.

23. あかね的日本語教室

あかね的日本語教室 is a dynamic blend of lessons and vlogs curated by a Japanese teacher for upper-intermediate to advanced learners. It includes lessons, interviews, Q&As, and glimpses of daily life in Japan, all subtitled in Japanese. This channel offers both support and challenges, enriching your language skills with authentic content.

24. Seize Japanese

Seize Japanese, the YouTube channel hosted by Ms A Soma, is a haven for learners grappling with Japanese pronunciation and pitch accent. The channel boasts numerous videos on phoneme pronunciation, pitch accent explanations, and demonstrations, alongside tutorials on phrases, particles, tenses, and grammar, catering mainly to beginners and lower-intermediate students seeking to refine their spoken Japanese.

25. StudyIn Daily Japanese

StudyIn Daily Japanese brings the language to life with engaging videos that teach Japanese through fun, everyday situations. This channel demystifies slang and contextual vocabulary, aiming for fluency without formality. From understanding frequent apologies to navigating dating or deciphering “huh,” it’s a playful approach to mastering practical Japanese for any setting.

26. Learn Japanese From Zero

Learn Japanese From Zero offers YouTube video lessons paralleling the well-regarded textbook series, catering to complete beginners. Designed for those new to Japanese, these videos are an excellent starting point, quickly enabling viewers to form sentences and familiarize themselves with pronunciation, making the journey into the Japanese language both accessible and engaging.

27. JLPT Bootcamp

JLPT Bootcamp, crafted by Clayton McKnight, offers focused tutorials on grammar, kanji, and vocabulary for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, especially the N5 level. The content, rich in reading and listening practice, is delivered through clear explanations and engaging animations, making it an ideal study companion for JLPT aspirants.

28. もしもしゆうすけ Moshi Moshi Yusuke

もしもしゆうすけ offers an authentic glimpse into Japanese language through real-life situations on YouTube. Featuring Yusuke engaging in everyday activities like visiting convenience stores or exploring tourist spots, each video is subtitled in Japanese (with furigana) and English, making it ideal for intermediate learners seeking to grasp fast-paced, natural conversations and advanced grammar.

29. Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly

Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly stands out with its VTuber-style digital avatar, providing Japanese language lessons through a unique lens. This unconventional approach, complete with a voice changer, offers fresh insights into grammar and kanji. While not for everyone, its distinctive explanations may unravel complex concepts, making it a potentially revolutionary resource for learners open to its quirky method.

30. Benjiro – Beginner Japanese

Benjiro – Beginner Japanese immerses viewers in the authentic language through interviews with native speakers on diverse topics, from school experiences to travel. As conversations unfold, vocabulary appears on-screen, aiding comprehension without overwhelming learners with grammar. Ideal for intermediates, the channel enriches any learner’s vocabulary with real-life Japanese at a natural pace.

31. Learn Japanese online with BondLingo

BondLingo offers a comprehensive platform for learning Japanese language and culture through YouTube videos and mobile apps. Featuring playlists from JLPT N5 to N2 grammar, pronunciation guides, and live study sessions, BondLingo creates an interactive and supportive learning environment, making the journey to fluency engaging and communal.

32. Learn Japanese with PuniPuniJapan

PuniPuniJapan excels in creating visually appealing, well-explained videos perfect for beginners diving into Japanese. Covering essentials like katakana, grammar, and vocabulary, this channel also enriches learners with insights into Japanese culture. Its clear, engaging content makes PuniPuniJapan an ideal start for those embarking on their language learning journey.

33. Easy Peasy Japanesey

Easy Peasy Japanesey offers an innovative approach to learning Japanese by dissecting scenes from beloved anime such as Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer. This channel breaks down vocabulary and grammar structures, making learning effortless and enjoyable. It’s an engaging way to improve your skills, just mind the spoilers for anime fans!

Best YouTube Channels for Learning Japanese Life and Culture

34. Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan, YouTube Channel led by British expat Chris, delves into the intricacies of Japanese culture, travel, and daily life with humor and depth. From “Journey to Mount Fuji” to the nuances of driving in Japan, the channel serves as a cultural hub, offering insights and practical advice for navigating Japan.

35. バイリンガール英会話 | Bilingirl Chika

バイリンガール英会話 | Bilingirl Chika is a vibrant YouTube channel hosted by Chika, a seasoned creator sharing her life in Japan. With a mix of lifestyle vlogs on cooking and travel, her videos seamlessly blend Japanese and English. Perfect for intermediate to advanced learners, Chika’s clear speech offers an enjoyable way to enhance listening and reading skills.

36. Rachel & Jun

Rachel & Jun’s YouTube channel offers a heartwarming glimpse into life in Japan through the adventures of an American-Japanese couple. While not exclusively focused on language learning, their videos on travel, trends, and food provide rich native content. With subtitles and a mix of English and Japanese, it’s both educational and delightful to follow.

37. Tokyo Lens

Tokyo Lens brings viewers into the heart of Japan with its unique perspective, exploring everything from the country’s tiniest apartments to its most active volcanoes. This YouTube channel offers a rare glimpse into Japanese life, showcasing the extraordinary and the everyday with captivating visuals and storytelling.

38. Paolo fromTOKYO

Paolo fromTOKYO is a Filipino expat sharing the wonders of Japan through his upbeat travel guides and explorations of Tokyo’s hidden gems. With diverse topics ranging from street food to the daily lives of Japanese locals, Paolo’s channel offers a vibrant and inclusive perspective on Japanese culture, attracting over 3 million subscribers.

39. The Japan Reporter

The Japan Reporter, akin to personalities like Yuta, offers a blend of Japanese learning and engaging street interviews on controversial topics. Distinguished by asking both fun and thought-provoking questions, the channel stands out for presenting real conversations beyond mere grammar explanations, making it a valuable resource for those seeking authentic Japanese language exposure.

40. KemushiChan

KemushiChan, YouTube channel created by Loretta, an American fluent in Japanese, showcases her journey and expertise in the language. The channel offers a rich variety of content on language learning, travel, and cultural exchanges. With a focus on advanced learners but accessible to all through subtitles, it provides valuable insights, tips, and personal experiences.

41. Reina Scully

Reina Scully’s channel offers a unique blend of content that explores life in Japan and the contrasts with Western culture. Her approach to teaching Japanese is lively and engaging, sprinkling lessons with humorous slang and practical idioms, making her an excellent guide for those looking to understand Japanese culture and language.

42. Tokyo Creative

Tokyo Creative is the hub for collaborative content from top Japan-based YouTubers like Dogen, Abroad in Japan, Tokyo Lens, and others. This channel brings together the best in the field, offering fans a diverse range of content that captures the essence of Japan through the eyes of its most beloved creators.

43. kimdao

Kim Dao, an Australian YouTuber and blogger, shares insights into Japanese and South Korean lifestyle, travel, and beauty on her channel. With over 700K followers, she’s a prominent figure in Japanese lifestyle content. Her popular videos, like “100 Things to do in Tokyo,” offer valuable insights for young women considering Japan.

44. Life in Japan

Life in Japan, helmed by the Reutter family, offers a glimpse into their American perspective on Tokyo living. Their YouTube videos serve as a daily diary, sharing experiences and activities, ideal for families considering a move to Japan. While engaging for families, it may lack appeal for young singles and professionals.

45. Let’s ask Shogo | Your Japanese friend in Kyoto

Let’s ask Shogo, hosted by a Kyoto-born and Hiroshima-raised Japanese, offers insights into traditional Japanese culture and social issues, along with travel tips for Kyoto. With a unique perspective, Shogo delves deep into topics foreigners might avoid, making it ideal for Japanese language learners and culture enthusiasts seeking authentic insights.


The highlighted YouTube channel stands out as a premier resource for learning Japanese. Its unique blend of comprehensive lessons, cultural insights, and interactive content makes mastering the language accessible and enjoyable. Whether you’re a beginner or advancing your skills, this channel is your gateway to fluency.

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